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Differences Abdominal Liposuction between women and men in Iran

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  • Introduction
  • The difference is at the cellular level
  • The difference is in the hormonal system
  • The difference in physical composition
  • The difference is in the nervous system
  • The difference between a person’s requests and expectations

Abdominal liposuction differences between women and men is an interesting topic in the biological and medical sciences. The human body is composed of a complex set of tissues and organs that work in an integrated manner to ensure its vital functions. However, there are differences between men and women in body composition and functions.

  • The difference is in the level of cells 
    These differences begin at the cellular level, where the composition of somatic cells differs between the sexes. For example, men have a Y chromosome in addition to an X chromosome, while women have a pair of X chromosomes. This chromosomal variation affects body composition and function, and can contribute to some of the observed sex differences.
    The same chromosomal difference makes men more muscular, and women have fatter and thinner bodies, which is the main factor in women accumulating more fat. Abdominoplasty is also longer and more complicated.
  • Other differences between the sexes are in the hormonal system. 
    The endocrine glands in the body secrete a variety of hormones that influence many vital processes. For example, women produce more estrogen than men, which plays an important role in the development of feminine characteristics and the control of the menstrual cycle. In contrast, men produce testosterone in higher amounts, which is responsible for developing masculine traits and influencing muscular growth and sexual processes.
    The difference in sex hormones in men and women is another factor in the accumulation of fat in different parts of the body, as the difference in hormones causes women to have large breasts after breastfeeding, and this causes a tightening of the abdomen in them to reduce the size of the breasts. .. to get back in shape, but men are not, and male hormones cause muscle building and reduce fat accumulation, and make a tummy tuck in it usually not with breast reduction.
  • Another influencing difference between women and men on the results and expectations of body plastic surgery is the physical and systemic composition. 
    For example, women generally have a higher percentage of body fat, while men tend to carry a higher percentage of muscle. This different distribution of fat and muscle can affect body appearance, physical strength, and athletic performance.
    This makes men tend to accentuate their muscles and reveal a six-pack stomach by withdrawing fat in a tummy tuck, but women tend to tighten the fat around the abdomen and inject it into the buttocks to get a Brazilian butt and hourglass-shaped waist, which stimulates men’s sexual desire.
  • Differences in the nervous and cerebral systems between the sexes and their impact on the difference between abdominal liposuction between men and women.
    Women may be more able to express emotions and empathy, while men tend to think things more analytically and logically. Studies show that there are differences in the geographic distribution of brain activity between the sexes, and this can influence differences in interests, mental skills, and behaviour.
    This makes women search for results in a tummy tuck that satisfy their emotions and their husbands, but men search for a flat and smooth body that rationally saves them from the problem of obesity, large abdomen, and health. And he does not care about the feelings of others in this matter.

The difference between requests and expectations from one person to another

Despite these differences and their impact on body aesthetics, we should note that women and men are individually diverse and may have variations within the same sex. Understanding these distinctions is not an attempt to determine which gender is better than the other, but rather to understand human diversity and its impact on health, behavior, and response to treatment.

Ultimately, understanding the differences between women and men is a complex and multidimensional issue that requires extensive and ongoing studies. Researchers aim to explore these distinctions more deeply and understand how this affects health, wellness, treatment, and cosmetic issues. This research is directed at improving health care and promoting gender equality in the medical field.

فروق شفط الدهون البطن بين النساء والرجال في ايران
Therefore, in order to make a better decision, contact our experts and doctors in the field of aesthetics, body sculpting and tummy tuck and consult them.
  • Another difference is the effect of pregnancy on a tummy tuck, where men do not have such a problem, and women have to wait and have a tummy tuck when they don’t want to get pregnant, because late pregnancy is more difficult and involves problems.
    Women considering a tummy tuck should be aware that their future pregnancies will likely affect cosmetic results and may require another procedure to restore the initial results.
    Therefore, after abdominal surgery, the recovery period should be completed in an appropriate period of time and the body should get enough rest, because pregnancy and child care after pregnancy cause problems for women who give birth in a short period of time after the tummy tuck.

Therefore, there are some basic differences in abdominoplasty according to gender (male and female):

  1. Men want a flat body or want a muscular six pack but women don’t want a muscular body and they want a beautiful and sexually stimulating stomach for their partner.
  2. Men can perform a tummy tuck operation over and over again, but women face problems getting pregnant after the operation, and it is not as easy for them to repeat this operation as men.
  3. Fat accumulation also differs between men and women, as fat accumulates in the abdominal area in men more, while women suffer from sagging skin in this area, and excess skin must be removed.

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