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Al Noor Eye Hospital in the Sultanate of Oman and its branches in Iran

Welcome to the world of exceptional care for your eye health at Al Noor Hospital. We are proud to provide the best ophthalmology services in the Sultanate of Oman and our branches in Iran. We understand the importance of good vision and how it can positively impact your quality of life. Therefore, we place your comfort and health as our top priority. Our dedicated team of doctors and medical professionals is committed to providing optimal eye care for your eyes. Rely on our experience and advanced technology to ensure you get the best results. We are here to improve your vision and make your life clearer and more comfortable. Discover the world of ophthalmology with us and visit Al Noor Hospital today.

Noor Iranian Eye Medical Complex - Sultanate of Oman Branch.

Getting to know Noor Iranian Medical Complex
After conducting careful and in-depth studies in marketing research and within the framework of modernizing and developing ophthalmology activities, the first international branch of the Noor Irani Specialized Ophthalmology Complex was opened in Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. The purpose of establishing Noor Iranian Medical Complex in Muscat is to share the expertise of Iranian ophthalmologists and technical knowledge with Omani ophthalmologists and to apply this experience and technical knowledge in the field of treating Omani patients suffering from eye diseases. Because in recent years, Omani patients were forced to travel to Iran to have their eye diseases treated in Tehran or Shiraz. On this basis, Noor Iranian Medical Complex in Muscat – Oman will provide you with most of its services in the field of ophthalmology at the level of Noor Iranian Eye Medical Hospital in Iran.

Branches of Al Noor Eye Hospital in Iran.

Al Noor Specialized Clinic has the most modern devices and equipment in the world and the best and most experienced doctors and ophthalmology elite work in this center. From simple operations to the most advanced eye surgeries are performed in the center.

The most important goal of establishing this center is to reduce crowding of eye patients in other centers, reduce the number of visits by patients and their companions to eye centers, and benefit from the best and highest quality eye treatments using the most advanced and modern devices in the world.

In this center, in addition to the very modern atmosphere and very advanced technologies, he has created an environment in the field of health tourism and has been able to add a very good capacity to this part of the treatment in the country. Providing foreign patients with the best prices and the most complete ophthalmology services according to the APD protocol.

Other branches of ophthalmology centers in the cities of Shiraz, Tehran and others...

Since 1372, when Noor Motahhari Eye Clinic was established, until today there are two hospitals and three clinics in Iran (Tehran, Karaj, Fardis and Ray, and Shiraz City) to provide the best services to its patients and clients in a pleasant way and comfortable environment with skilled ophthalmologists, experienced staff and advanced equipment.

The most prominent ophthalmology specialists in this hospital are doctors in the city of Shiraz:

  1. Dr. Ghasemi Fard.
  2. Dr. Radwan.
  3. Dr. Kamran Fatehi.
  4. Dr. Abbas and other prominent doctors.

Services and specialized clinics at Al Nour Hospital in the Iranian city of Shiraz

Al Noor Hospital has various specialized clinics in addition to the services it provides to clients, including:

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