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Who is the most famous and most popular retinal surgeon in Iran in the city of Shiraz among Arab patients?

Eye and retina surgeon in Iran has extensive experience in the field of treating visual disorders and retinal problems. He is skilled and specialized in performing precise surgeries to improve vision and treat retinal problems with high efficiency. Provides personalized and personalized medical care to patients, focusing on achieving the best outcomes and improving their visual quality of life.

Ophthalmology in Iran



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Dr. Vahid Qasemifard

الدکتور العيون و الشبكيه في ايران وحید قاسمي فرد

1. Dr. Vahid Qasimi Far (surgeon and specialist in eye surgery, laser and retinal surgery), born in Shiraz, is one of the most skilled eye surgeons and the most popular among Arab patients, especially Omanis and Iraqis.

2. The doctor’s experience and practical experience in their words:

I am Dr. Vahid Ghasemifar, a specialist and surgeon in eye diseases (ophthalmology) and my original specialty is the cornea and retina. To date, I have performed many surgeries and treated our dear citizens who were suffering from eye diseases and disorders. Among my main activities, I can treat retinitis (retinitis, retinal hemorrhage, retinal tear), especially treatment of eye diseases due to diabetes, cataract surgery, intraocular lenses, treatment, treatment and control of eye infections, intraocular pressure, treatment of dry eyes, Treating eye allergies, prescription of glasses and lenses, determining eye number, correcting refractive errors with laser (LASIK, Femto-LASIK, PRK) and others.

Apart from serving Iranian citizens, I have been serving Arab brothers and sisters from all countries for 25 years, especially Arab patients from Oman, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain.

3. Academic honors during his studies:

  • First place in general medicine graduation.
  • First place in medical admission in Shiraz.
  • Ranked first in the Ophthalmology Specialty Council

4. Grades :

  • General Medicine.
  • Retina and corneal transplant specialist and surgeon.
  • Vetter and Retin Fellowship

5. History and experience:

Dr. Vahid Ghasemifard has performed nearly 40,000 eye surgeries in Shiraz and Tehran over a period of 25 years. He is one of the leading doctors at Noor Eye Surgery Hospital in Tehran, and now practices medicine in Shiraz. His main focus is treatment of retinal problems.

6. workdays:

  • From Saturday to Wednesday evening

Video of the presence and treatment of Arab patients in Dr. Ghasemi Fard's clinic

Play Video about الدکتور وحید قاسمي فرد

A snapshot and view of the doctor's clinic and the presence of patients

The process of restoring and reconstructing the retina in a diabetic patient at the hands of Dr. Vaheed with unparalleled success

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