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Treatment of erectile dysfunction with penile implants for patients with diabetes and heart disease in the cities of Shiraz and Tehran

Flexible and hydraulic stent implantation, also known as penile augmentation, is an innovative surgical procedure used to treat erectile dysfunction in diabetic and heart patients in Iran. Some male patients have erectile dysfunction or difficulty maintaining an erection due to complications from diabetes or heart problems. This operation aims to restore and improve erectile function and achieve satisfaction for clients and their sexual partners.

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  • What is an artificial penis?
  • How does the artificial penis work?
  • Who are good candidates for penile implants?
  • Types of penile prostheses in Iran.
  • Care before penile implants in Iran.
  • How to perform stent implantation for a diabetic and heart patient in Iran.
  • Surgical procedures.
  • Care after penile implant (stents).
  • What are the complications of a penile implant?
  • What is the success rate of penile implants (stent) in Iran?
  • How is sexual intercourse after the artificial penis operation?
  • How much does penile implant surgery cost in Iran?
  • Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a penis prosthesis (stent)?

A penile prosthesis is a device that is placed inside the penis of men with erectile dysfunction. In fact, penile prosthesis surgery is recommended when other treatment methods are not effective in treating erectile dysfunction, and surgery is the only solution to this problem. Also, this type of surgery is sometimes used in sex reassignment surgery.

How does the artificial penis work?

A penile prosthesis is a device that is inserted into the penis during surgery through an incision made in the scrotum or lower abdomen. Penile implants are of two types, inflatable and non-inflatable.

The prosthesis is usually filled with a saline (salt water) solution and can be controlled with a pump attached to the scrotum. The intra-penile prosthesis consists of two cylinders, which include a reservoir and a pump, and is implanted into the body during surgery. when a person presses the pump; The saline solution enters the penis from the tank installed next to the bladder, an erection occurs and the penis is ready for sex; Of course, at the end of sex, a person can unload the prosthesis.

Who are good candidates for penile implants?

Men with the following conditions are good candidates for penile implants:

  • People who constantly suffer from erectile dysfunction problems.
  • People who suffer from deformation or atrophy of the penis.
  • People who have not received results from other treatment methods such as drug therapy.

Types of penis prostheses (brace)?

Types of penile prostheses fall into two main categories, which include the non-inflatable prosthesis and the inflatable (mechanical) prosthesis, which we will talk more about below.

Types of penis prostheses

Non-inflatable prosthesis (flexible stent)

A non-inflatable prosthesis, also called a flexible prosthesis, consists of a pair of rods that are inserted into the patient’s penis during penile prosthesis surgery. If this type of implant is used, the person manually adjusts the position of the penis, and of course this does not affect the diameter or length of the penis.

What are the advantages of a non-inflatable prosthesis (elastic stent)?

Using this type of implant is easy for the person and his wife; Because by raising the prosthesis, the penis is straightened and at the end of intercourse, the prosthesis can be bent.

  • This type of prosthesis is suitable for men who are less active, and people with inflammatory joint diseases or diseases that cannot use their hands.
  • This type of prosthesis is placed entirely in the person’s body and no part of the prosthesis is located outside the body.
  • The placement of a non-inflatable prosthesis is very simple and convenient.
  • The cost of implant surgery with non-inflatable prostheses is cheaper than with other types.

What are the disadvantages of a non-inflatable suit?

  • She has an unusual appearance.
  • Over time, it may cause penile atrophy.
  • In fact, the main cause of pain and discomfort after surgery is that the penis is constantly erect.

inflatable (mechanical) prosthesis

The inflatable prosthesis consists of two cylinders that the urologist places inside the patient’s penis during surgery and can be expanded using pressurized fluid.

The cylinders are connected to the liquid tank and the pump with the help of pipes. by applying pressure to the pump placed under the skin of the scrotum; The penis becomes erect. An inflatable prosthesis, unlike a non-inflatable prosthesis, increases the length of the penis. This type of penis filler is easy to use and all of its parts are embedded inside the body.
Types of pneumatic prostheses

Types of inflatable prostheses include two-part inflatable prostheses and three-part inflatable prostheses, which we will talk about later.

دعم الذكور قابل النفخ
  • Two-part pneumatic suit.
    In this type of penile prosthesis, the cylinders do not have a natural shape and make the penis look like a broom. These types of prostheses can eventually cause the penile tissues to weaken and become thinner.
  • Three-part pneumatic suit.
    Since a large volume of fluid enters the cylinders to straighten the penis, the three-piece suit can give the most rigidity to the penis.

If these types of prostheses are used, the penis is usually soft and supple, and the person will feel more comfortable if these types of prostheses are used.

The three-piece prosthesis is the only type of penile prosthesis that has a completely natural shape when the penis is relaxed or straight. According to the experiments of unmarried boys who had a three-piece prosthesis implanted in them; All said their husbands had not noticed the implants in their penis.

Also, because the three-piece suit puts the least pressure on the penis in the normal state; Therefore, there is a very small chance that the penile tissues will become thin.

Of course, to place this type of prosthesis, extensive surgery is required, so be sure to refer to experienced urologists for the same.

Unlike the use of non-inflatable prostheses during penile implant surgery; After the surgery, the penis is still loose and drooping, and the patient experiences slight pain after the operation.

Pre-implant care

  • In most cases, urologists advise patients to use antibiotics such as gentamicin and vancomycin an hour before surgery to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Before surgery, excess hair in the pubic area must be removed.

Male stent implantation for a heart patient in Iran

As for the heart patient, he has special precautions, especially with regard to anesthesia, in addition to the usual precautions for the operation. First, heart tests are done, such as electrocardiograms, television x-rays of the heart, and cardiac enzyme analysis. And a cardiologist is consulted if the patient takes liquidity medications, as alternatives are taken a week before the operation in order to adjust blood flow rates and perform the surgery safely.

All extra precautions are taken before and during the operation, in addition to strict sterilization techniques and the usual infection control techniques during the male stent implantation surgery for heart patients and other patients who need extreme medical attention, such as patients with hemophilia, platelet problems and other diseases.

And by taking all these precautions and procedures, there is no disease that prevents the implantation of the male implant as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

How to perform male implant surgery for a diabetic patient in Iran

This question is very important, as diabetics have a special condition, as high blood sugar leads to saturation of tissues with sugar, and thus becomes a fertile soil for bacteria, and they have an increased risk of infection than the rest of the patients. Also, the saturation of tissues with sugar reduces the speed of wound healing. Instead of the wound healing within a day or two, it can remain open with a diabetic patient for a longer period, and thus the risk of infection increases as well.

The process of implanting the male stent for a diabetic patient requires special and ideal conditions to avoid complications, and therefore we must work with the diabetic patient to control the blood sugar level for a period of 3 months before the operation. The control of blood sugar levels is ensured by conducting a cumulative glucose analysis, which is characterized by more accurate results than the results of other types of fasting, fasting, and random glucose analysis, as the cumulative glucose analysis shows the extent of tissue saturation with sugar.

And when ensuring the integrity of the tissues and controlling the blood sugar level, strict and sound sterilization procedures are relied upon, and a stent saturated with antibiotics and specially designed for diabetics is used. And the male implant is implanted using the no-touch technique, which is based on taking strict sterilization measures and implanting the male implant directly inside the cavernous tissue without coming into contact with any body or even the patient’s skin. Thus, we guarantee the highest levels of safety for the diabetic patient, and he will leave the surgery safely, God willing.

Surgical procedures

  1. In the first stage, the patient must be anesthetized.
  2. The surgeon cuts off part of the lower abdomen (the base of the penis).
  3. An appropriately sized prosthesis is placed inside the cylindrical canal along the length of the penis.if a two-piece air suit is used; The pump and degassing valve are placed inside the scrotum.
  4. if a three-piece prosthesis is used; The surgeon inserts the fluid reservoir through an incision made at the bottom of the abdominal wall.
  5. Finally, the incisions are sutured.
Note: The duration of the penile prosthesis surgery takes about 45 to 60 minutes.

Post-implant care

  • Sleep with an open arch for 3 days.
  • Do not sit on the scrotum for two days.
  • Keep your penis straight and toward the ceiling until the prosthesis is inflated.
  • The prosthesis can generally be inflated 4 to 8 weeks after surgery.
  • when a person is able to inflate and deflate the prosthesis; The doctor asks the person to repeat it daily in a hot tub to fully master it.
  • Painkillers are given to the patient to reduce the pain of penile implant surgery.
  • To prevent infection, the patient is advised to take antibiotics for a week.
  • Basically, patients can begin their sexual activity and engage in strenuous physical activities 4 to 6 weeks after surgery.

What are the complications of the transplant?

Each type of surgery has its own complications, and penile prostheses are no exception. Of course, if you choose a surgeon who specializes in urology, the number of these complications will be as low as possible. In general, the possible complications of penile prosthesis surgery are as follows:

  • Severe, uncontrollable bleeding that requires repeat surgery.
  • cause infection.
  • Tissue analysis around the prosthesis.
  • mechanical failure.
  • Parts failure.

What is the success rate of penile implants (stent)?

If the best urology surgeon performs the penile implant, the success rate of this surgery is as follows:

  • If an inflatable prosthesis is used, the penile implant success rate is 90-95%.
  • In the case of non-inflatable prostheses, the success rate of implantation is 80-90%.

How is sexual intercourse after the artificial penis (stent) operation?

When the prosthesis is inflated, the penis becomes hard and thick, which is similar to a normal erection. Of course, the resulting erection is shorter than normal.
Of course, the new models of prostheses (supports) for the penis, in addition to creating stiffness and thickness in the penis, also serve to increase the length and diameter of the penis.

The penile stent does not affect the sensation of the skin of the penis, and the man’s ability to reach orgasm and ejaculation does not change; Therefore, the penis prosthesis will not affect the sexual pleasure of the limbs.

How much does penile implant surgery (penis enlargement) cost in Iran?

The cost of penile implant surgery depends on various factors such as the experience of the surgeon, the cost of anesthesia, the type of prosthesis, and the equipment of the operating room.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do others notice a penile prosthesis?
    No, after the surgery, only a small scar may remain in the lower part of the penis. But no one will notice that you have a prosthesis in your penis.

  2. Does penile implants increase the size of the penis?
    There are no non-inflatable prostheses, but small inflatable prostheses can increase penis size.

  3. Does penile implants increase sexual desire?
    No, a penile implant is only for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and does not lead to an increase in libido.

  4. Will I reach orgasm and ejaculation after implantation?
    Yes, the dildo does not cause any disturbance in orgasm and ejaculation.

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