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Rejuvenation and beautification of the vagina with fat injection | Cost, steps and benefits in Iran and the city of Shiraz

beautification the feminine area in Iran

The beauty of the genital area is one of the most important factors in improving sex, and an ugly appearance can cause frustration on both sides, which is possible today thanks to technological progress. Fat injection in the female genital area is one method of vaginal rejuvenation, which is effective in restoring lost tissue and has gained a lot of fans. Join us to show you how to rejuvenate and enlarge the female genital area and answer your frequently asked questions.

Article contents:

  • Fat injection in the female genital area.
  • Positive effects of fat injection in the vagina.
  • Stages of fat injection in the female genital area.
  • Benefits of vaginal rejuvenation by fat injection in Iran, Shiraz.
  • Possible complications of fat injection in women’s genitals.

Fat injection in the female genital area

The vagina is one of the most important and sensitive parts of a woman’s body, as it becomes dark, loose, drooping, and ugly with the passage of time – due to age and frequent natural births. These changes generally occur in the labia majora, which make up the outer area of ​​the vagina. In other words, the labia majora gradually lose their fatty tissue and undergo unpleasant changes.

These changes, which are more common among women over the age of 40, make women use rejuvenation methods in order to increase their self-confidence and improve their sexual relations.
Among the most important uses of fat injection in the vagina, we mention the following:

  • Vaginal regeneration.
  • Increase collagen production in vaginal tissues.
  • The size and shape of the labia majora.
  • Increased appearance of the vagina.
  • Improve marital relations.
It is necessary to pay attention to this point, although the injection of fat in the genital area will open the labia wrinkles and make them brighter, but it is not a method for vaginal whitening. Women who have very dark labia should use methods such as laser vaginal bleaching to lighten them.

Women whose vagina sags and wrinkles due to menopause or aging, heredity or natural childbirth can use artificial labia with fat. Also, women who are allergic to vaginal gel injections or who need a large amount of gel to increase the size of the genital area, but the cost of the gel is high for them; They are good candidates for fat grafting.

Pregnant and lactating women are prohibited from injecting vaginal fat. Also, women who have a weak immune system or have a vaginal infection cannot have fat injections until they have fully recovered.

Positive effects of fat injection in the vagina

One of the most popular vaginal rejuvenation methods among women is fat grafting, which must be performed by a gynecologist due to the need for precision and skill. Fat injection into the labia majora is an effective and innovative way to rebuild lost tissue in this area of ​​the body, which helps to regenerate the tissues of this area. Among the uses of fat injection are the following:

  • Removal of sagging vaginal skin.
  • Removal of wrinkles in the labia majora.
  • Lighten and tighten the skin of the vagina.
  • Changes in the size of the labia majora and vaginal enlargement.
  • Correction of asymmetry and correction of asymmetry between the two sides of the vagina.
  • Treatment of vaginal atrophy (vaginal dryness).

Stages of fat injection in the female genital area

 The applicant is examined by a gynecologist and according to the doctor’s diagnosis, the amount and volume of injection is determined. For fat injection, it is necessary to remove fat from other areas of the person’s body, such as the abdomen, flanks, thighs, etc., and inject it into the vagina.
Fat from other areas is removed with the help of lipomatics.

The key point here is that no anesthesia is needed for vaginal fat injection and only local anesthesia is sufficient.

The steps of this method are:

  • Desired areas are disinfected and locally anesthetized.
  • Using a special device (special cannula series needles), small punctures are made on the skin and subcutaneous fat is removed with the help of very little pressure.
  • The separated fat is sent to the laboratory and fully cleaned and purified.
  • After separating the fat from the excess material, the fat is drawn into special syringes and ready for injection.
  • The area to be injected is disinfected and locally anesthetized.
  • Finally, with the help of a syringe with a cannula, the fat is injected into specific points of the vagina.

Benefits of vaginal rejuvenation by fat injection in Iran and Shiraz

  • No need for anesthesia.
  • No pain or bleeding.
  • Very short recovery time.
  • No incision or surgery needed.
  • Reasonable cost.
  • No need for rest and recovery.
  • Amazing result and longevity.
  • No allergy or allergic reaction.
  • Increase sexual pleasure and improve marital relations.

Possible complications of fat injection in the female genital area

Fat injection in the vagina is completely safe and does not cause any allergies or complications due to the use of fat in the person’s body and complete compatibility with his body. The person should first be examined by a gynecologist and if there is no infection, he should proceed to do so; Because if he has an infection in the genital area, he cannot use this method of vaginal rejuvenation.

Some of the temporary side effects of fat injection in the genital area are:

  • Infection.
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Pain (relieved by taking acetaminophen).
  • Converting fat into a sebaceous cyst (if it is injected too much in one area, it becomes combined under the skin in the form of thick sebaceous cysts).
If the pain is unbearable or you have an infection, be sure to see your doctor.
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