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Hair Transplantation in Iran using the chip technique FUT

FUT hair transplantation in Iran is one of the leading hair restoration methods. The FUT technique involves removing a strip of hair from the back of the scalp, which is divided into small hair units and then implanted in the damaged areas.

The strip method is one of the most advanced and effective methods of hair transplantation, as it provides a large amount of hair for transplantation and achieves permanent and natural results. This operation requires high surgical skill and a specialized medical team that handles slices precisely and implants them strategically.

By providing thicker hair and its natural distribution, FUT contributes to restoring a person’s self-confidence and personal beauty. Consult now with the experts in hair transplantation using the chip technique in Iran, and get ready to enjoy thick hair and a beautiful look that suits you.

Hair Transplantation in Iran using the chip technique FUT

The FUT method is the oldest method of natural hair transplantation, in which a flaps of 2 cm wide and about 30 cm long are removed from the back of the patient’s head.
After the process of shearing (separating the hair follicles under a microscope), the hair follicles are transplanted by making incisions on the balding surface.
One of the disadvantages of this method, which is a surgical method, is that the surgical scar remains in the place of the individual’s hair bank. He also referred to the ancient technique of making small incisions in the patient’s head and hair transplantation during the transplantation stage.
In the FUT method, the hair follicles will be separated into a strip at the same time and this will be done under a microscope. In the FUT method, a very fine surgical blade will be used and the donor site will be cut by this fine and small blade, which will cause traces of this small surgical knife to remain after the hair transplant.

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