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Hair transplantation in Iran with BHT technique

Get bodily donor hair transplantation (BHT) hair transplantation in Iran. Get ready for a unique and effective hair restoration experience with innovative BHT technology. Hair is extracted from areas such as the chin, chest, and back, and transplanted to the areas in need. Get ready for thick, natural looking hair, with lasting results and guaranteed quality. Apply now for a free consultation and regain your confidence and attractiveness with the BHT hair transplant experts in Iran.

زراعة الشعر بتقنية BHT

In cases where the patient does not have a suitable hair bank for hair transplantation, this method is used to harvest the hair follicles and transplant the natural hair. In the BHT method, donor hair is removed from other areas of the body such as chest hair, but in many cases this method is not recommended because of the problems that hair follicles suffer from and usually do not grow after body hair transplantation to the head.

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