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Reasons for new hair transplant techniques in Iran

Find out the reasons behind new hair transplant techniques in Iran. Browse the advanced and innovative techniques used to restore hair effectively and naturally. Iran enjoys a leading position in the field of hair transplantation, as it provides an incubating environment for research and innovation, and combines high medical expertise and future technology. Consult now with hair transplant experts in Iran to benefit from advanced techniques such as robotic transplantation, FUE technique, etc., and get ready for the complete restoration of your hair with the highest quality and optimal results.

hair transplant techniques in Iran

But the main question here is what is the main reason for the emergence of these technologies over time? In general, there are many factors that are the quality criteria for reviewing and evaluating different hair transplantation techniques. Basically, new and advanced technologies are developed based on these standards. In summary

  • The advanced tools used in new hair transplantation methods increase the accuracy and speed of the hair transplantation process and can achieve better results.
  • In addition to the head, some of these techniques can also be applied to beards, mustaches, and eyebrows if the doctor so decides. Because advanced technology makes it possible to create very small gaps in sensitive areas such as the eyebrows and beard.
  • In modern techniques, it is always tried to be the least invasive compared to the previous methods, so that there are no traces of bleeding or stitches in today’s methods. In this way, the place of hair removal from the hair bank area will remain unknown after complete recovery.
  • Wounds, infections and intolerable pains rarely occur with modern methods.
  • The use of miniature and advanced tools in new technologies creates a more natural growth line because it is possible to select hair with different precision from the hair bank of the surgeon.
  • The mechanical damage to the follicles due to extraction from the hair bank will be much less thanks to the advanced tools.
  • Also, in the methods in which the follicles can be analyzed and scanned, the doctor can extract the best quality follicles for transplantation, which will be very effective in improving the results of hair transplantation.

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