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Robotic Hair Transplantation with the ARTAS device in the world of hair transplantation

Robotic hair transplantation with the ARTAS device is the latest hair transplantation technology in the world of beauty and aesthetics. This advanced device combines robotic technology and surgical precision to achieve amazing, natural-looking hair restoration results.

The Artas device is distinguished by its ability to determine the optimal angles and directions for transplanting each hair with great accuracy, which leads to an even distribution of hair and natural growth lines. The device is also characterized by its high speed in hair transplantation, which makes the process easier and more effective.

زراعة الشعر بالروبوت في ايران

Another technology of the latest hair transplantation technology, in other words, the latest hair transplantation technology in the world is the ARTAS robot. The ARTAS robot is actually a fully automated assistant that helps the surgeon remove hair follicles with greater precision. This robot is so advanced that it can provide the surgeon with a map of the condition of the hair bank follicles (angle, orientation, number, quality and thickness of the roots of the follicles and information about the scar on the skin of the hair bank).

The bulbs are harvested automatically by this robot, which is the main difference between this method and the previous methods, and the main advantage of this technology is the high speed, because the robot can increase the harvesting speed by two times. This method is minimally invasive, with a short recovery period and does not require anesthesia. Of course, it should be noted that the transplantation of grafts in the lumbar regions is done manually by the transplant specialist himself, just like other techniques.

One of the main limitations of this technology is that the robot needs a large difference between the hair color and skin color of the applicant to recognize the follicles, as a result, the robot can identify the follicles for people with both straight hair and dark hair and it may not be a suitable technology for those with light hair (colored or white) And thin hair.

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