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The latest method of hair transplantation (Micrograft) in Iran

In the latest method of natural hair transplantation called MICRO GRAFT or Micrograft, which is currently performed exclusively in our skin and hair clinic in the Iranian cities of Shiraz, Tehran and Mashhad, in addition to the harvesting process in SUT transplantation, an automated device is also used in the transplantation stage. The hair transplantation process is microscopic and can be performed without the use of a surgical razor, in this case we will not see any scar at the patient’s transplant site, which results in multiple density compared to other methods and increases the thinness of the transplanted hair to a great extent so that the transplanted hair grows completely naturally.

Hair transplantation using micrograft method

Micrograft hair transplantation or micro-implantation is the latest method of natural hair transplantation in the city of Shiraz in Iran and Tehran, which overcomes all the disadvantages of the old methods and turns the hair transplantation method into a specific and accurate treatment for baldness and hair loss.
In this method, at the hair removal stage, carriers with a purity of 0.4 tenths of a micron are used, which is much better than the SUT method.
The most important difference between hair transplantation and the micrograft method is the transplantation stage with small-sized automated implant devices that do not require any openings and cracks on the surface of the bald hair, and because of the microscopic size, they do not leave any scars.
Microscopic implantation increases density up to 3 times compared to old methods, and the elegance and precision of implantation have increased so much that no one can recognize your hair transplantation. The cost of transplanting each hair strand with this method is slightly higher than other methods.

hair transplant with micrograft method in Iran

Steps for hair transplantation using the micrograft method

  1. Anesthesia with an automated device:
    Our clinic began its professional activity in 2010 in Iran, in the city of Shiraz
  2. To remove hair measuring 4 microns:
    Harvested using a micrograft method with a thickness of 4 microns.
  3. Implant arrangement using micrograft method:
    Then the harvested follicles are arranged in the device and the hair transplantation process is completed.
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