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Mix Hair Transplant in Iran

Hair transplantation using combined (synthetic) methods in Iran is an advanced option for restoring natural and attractive hair. This method uses modern and advanced hair transplantation techniques, including traditional hair transplantation, robotic hair transplantation, and FUE hair transplantation.

Combined methods aim to achieve the best results in hair restoration, as they depend on the distribution of hair naturally and thickly, and to meet the needs of each individual. The specialized medical teams in Iran work to provide high-quality and accurate services, while providing a comfortable experience for patients.

Consult now with the experts in hair transplantation in Iran in combination methods, and prepare to benefit from multiple and integrated techniques to achieve natural, thick, and great-looking hair that suits you perfectly.

زراعة الشعر بالطرق المركبة في ايران

FUT and FIT methods are used as a combination of hair transplantation methods. In this method, doctors try to remove about 5,000 hair follicles in one session and implant them in the targeted area where hair has been lost. This method is mostly used for people with a high rate of hair loss and those with baldness.
In this method, first a large amount of hair follicles are transferred in the form of strips. Then they analyze and check the hair volume in the desired area. If conditions are right, the treatment staff will be willing to increase density by follicular harvesting.
This method of cultivation has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages and disadvantages of this method include:


  • The only drawback of this method is that scars, scars and inflammations remain on the scalp. Of course, these complications will disappear after a short period of time.


  1. One of the most economical ways for people suffering from baldness.
  2. A large number of hair follicles are harvested in this way.
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