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What are the latest methods of hair transplantation in America?

Discover the latest methods of hair transplantation in America and get ready to benefit from innovative technologies in this field. The United States is known for providing advanced and effective hair restoration solutions of the highest quality.

Among the newest methods of hair transplantation in America include FUE (hair unit extraction) hair transplantation, robotic hair transplantation, and protected transfer hair transplantation. These techniques use scientific and technological advances to achieve amazing results and promote natural hair growth.

Book a consultation with hair transplant experts in America who have exceptional skills and experience, and benefit from the latest developments in this field. Get ready to completely restore your hair and enjoy a natural and attractive hair look that reflects your confidence.


أحدث طرق زراعة الشعر في أمريكا

There are many methods of hair transplantation in the world, but in the United States, only a few methods are proven by doctors and are presented as the best hair transplantation methods and the latest hair transplantation methods in America. Below you will learn about the latest methods of hair transplantation in America:

Stem cell hair transplantation

In this method of hair transplantation, doctors can make your hair grow back with stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma therapy. There are a lot of stem cells in the fatty layer under your scalp, which can cause hair to grow back by injecting fat into it.
In stem cell baldness treatment, doctors remove some excess fat from the body with liposuction, and then remove a very small amount of fat from the stem cells under the skin. By placing the mixture of these two fats in a centrifuge, the stem cells are combined with the platelet-rich plasma. This mixture is injected into the scalp and this will make your hair grow back.
The advantages and disadvantages of this method include:


  • No need to remove hair follicles.
  • No allergy.
  • Leave no scars.
  • Get the highest hair density.
  • Usable for women and men.
  • Quick conclusion


  • Minor bleeding and bruising.
  • This method is not popular in the world.
  • The possibility of infection and damage to the nerves of the body.

According to doctors, after 23 weeks of hair transplantation in this way, about 29% of the hairs in the balding area began to grow again. Of course, more research is needed to get a definitive answer to the success rate of this method.
The final cost of stem cell hair transplant also depends on the severity of hair loss on your head and the pattern of your hair loss.

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