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Hair transplantation in Iran using the sapphire stone technique

Get ready for a hair transplant in Iran with the sapphire stone technique. Discover this advanced and innovative technology in the world of hair transplantation. Sapphire stone is used in hair transplantation to achieve amazing and natural results.

This technique is characterized by its accuracy and effectiveness in hair transplantation, as sapphire stone is used to open small channels in the scalp and transplant hair accurately. Iran has experts who specialize in using sapphire stone technology and providing exceptional results for patients.

Book a consultation now and get ready to benefit from the unique experience of hair transplantation using the sapphire stone technique in Iran. Restore your hair and your self-confidence with this advanced technology and enjoy a beautiful and attractive hair look.

زراعة الشعر بتقنية حجر السفير الياقوت في ايران

This method is considered one of the latest hair transplant techniques in Iran, especially in Shiraz and Tehran, and the tools used are equipped with cut sapphire stones that reduce pain and do not cause any damage to the hair bank tissues. Because only follicles are extracted and no tissue samples are taken.

In order to extract hair grafts, very fine incisions with a diameter of 0.6 to 0.7 mm are made, and due to their purity, they do not bleed and heal quickly during the recovery period, so no scars will remain.

Having a strong, removable hair bank is very important for performing the Sapphire method. The very fine incisions that are created are proportional to the size of the hair follicles, so the hair roots can be transplanted into channels of appropriate depth, which will not allow the planting angle to change and its original shape will be preserved.

The blades used in Sapphire technology are anti-bacterial and will not cause tissue damage or infection. It is possible to grow more grafts with the sapphire method. The end results will be more natural and intense.


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