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Tourism and travel in northern Iran in the province of Gilan

السیاحة الى جيلان في الشمال

Gilan province is slightly different from the two provinces of Mazandaran and Golestan in terms of its cities and villas, and it has beautiful and pleasant tourist areas, which include:

Anzali Lake

Anzali Lake is one of the  famous lakes in the world because of its lotus flowers. The experience of boating among lotus flowers and watching migratory birds is truly unforgettable.
Notably, many parts of Anzali Lake are home to migratory birds that travel from Siberia to the south.

Pictures of Anzali lake in northern Iran

Bird watching tours are held at stations that have special cameras around the lake. Wild cows and horses can be seen in the southern regions of the lake, but it is not recommended to get close to them.

The ancient city of Masuleh

The architecture of the Masouleh houses is so famous that it has become a known model for other similar villages; Anyone who wants to explain the terraced houses should mention Masoleh. For foreign tourists, it is interesting and surprising that the roof of the lower house is the courtyard of the upper house.

Pictures of the village of Masouleh in northern Iran

الصور لقرية ماسولة في اليل، شمال إيران

Rudkhan Castle

At the top of the mountainous region and in the midst of the dense forest, there is a castle from the Sasanian era, which is now called Rudkhan Castle. Another name is the Castle of a Thousand Stairs, because after reaching the end of the asphalt road, you have to climb about a thousand stairs on foot.

Built to house soldiers and defend the Gilan region, this fort has now become a resort for those interested in history and nature.

Pictures of Rudkhan Castle in northern Iran

قلعة رودخان

Rasht city

Rasht Municipal Square is a regular meeting place for local residents and a stopping point in the midst of the city bustle. A street now full of kebab and faloodge stalls and lahijani tea every night.

Guests are tempted to take pictures in front of the beautiful town hall, walk down the street and green square, and shop in the adjoining arcades.

The Sardar Jangil statue, the small paddy field in the middle of the sidewalk, and many other conceptual statues and symbols make everyone who comes to this square stop for a few minutes and enjoy being among the people.

Pictures of the city of Rasht in northern Iran

مدينة رشت شمال ايران
مدينة رشت شمال ايران

If your travel destination is Rasht, we have provided sightseeing places in Rasht in a complete guide, make sure to save your time by reading it

Anzali Harbour

Anzali Free Zone is located on the seashore between Rasht Road and Bandar Anzali, and is one of the most visited places in the north of the country. With the exception of the two large shopping centers of “Caspian” and “North Star”, which contain hundreds of various stores, the marine entertainment complex, aquarium, bird lake and beach promenade can fill a whole day of your time.

ميناء أنزلي شمال ايران

Anzali Quay and an old garden in front of it, known as Anzali Street. This street, which starts at Fisherman’s Wharf, continues to the end of Anzali Breakwater. Most of the travelers who come to Anzali go to the street to see the ships and ducks who are always waiting to eat the bread from the people and take the boat ride.

رصيف ميناء أنزلي وحديقة قديمة أمامه تُعرف باسم شارع أنزلي.

Lahijan city

The city of Lahijan has a tourism area and the mountain in the city center of Lahijan is known as Bam Sabz [Green Roof]. In this area you can see some of the most popular sights in the north. Among the most important places to visit are:

  • Devil’s Mountain
  • Lahijan Telecabine
  • Kashif al-Satna Cemetery and the Iranian Tea Museum
  • Lahijan Lake
  • Sheikhanbar district
  • Tomb of Sheikh Zahed Gilani

Pictures of the city of Lahijan in northern Iran

الصور لمدينة لاهيجان في شمال إيران

Lahijan Lake

جبل الشيطان في لاهيجان شمال ايران

Devil’s Mountain

مقبرة كاشف السطنة ومتحف الشاي الإيراني في شمال ايران

Kashif al-Satna Cemetery and the Iranian Tea Museum

تلفريك لاهيجان في شمال ايران

Lahijan Telecabine

منطقة شيخانبر في شمال ايران
منطقة شيخانبر في شمال ايران

Sheikhanbar district

قبر الشيخ زاهد جيلاني

Tomb of Sheikh Zahed Gilani

Desert Alenzeh

It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the north, which is located in the Masal district of Gilan. This picturesque Desert displays the most beautiful pictures before your eyes and is a source of energy and peace. A group of green mountains and uniquely beautiful trees join the easy walks in Gilan, where they disappear into the thick fog in the morning.

This Desert is undoubtedly a dream paradise where you can experience the pleasure of staying there. In this magical area, there is an Imamzade called Imamzade Ibrahim, and in his yard there is a 200-year-old tree. The Alenzeh Desert is so amazing that it will become the most picturesque place you have ever seen.

سهل ألنزة (Alenzeh )


Surely, all Iranians know the Masal area. Al-Masal, which is located near the Talesh Mountains, is a tourist attraction in the north. Masal means “by the mountain” in the vanishing language. This mountainous region is located near a river called Khakai.

Masal has 17 large and small caves in its core and very beautiful holiday areas. Shanderman is also the name of a part of Masal that contains the largest caves in Gilan. There are many landscapes in this region, such as rivers, caves, and waterfalls. Mirza Koch Khan Jangli died in this region.

One of the famous places in the north, Dasht Elyzeh, is also located in the same area as Shanderman.

Pictures Masal in Gilan Province

الصور ماسال في محافظة كيلان
الصور ماسال في محافظة كيلان

To reach this Desert you have to walk for about 1-2 hours but it will definitely be one of your best walks

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