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A comprehensive travel guide to Golestan Province in northern Iran

Golestan Province is a complete travel package. Whether you are a nature and adventure tourist, a historical sightseeing fan or just a fan of picnics and parties.
Barbecue in nature, the scenes of Golstan will create good memories for you. The sights of Golestan Province are among those tourist destinations that, for some reason, have remained somewhat undiscovered among the tourists.

That is why, in this Golstan sightseeing guide, we have divided these places into several categories and in each category, we explain one or more elements and provide the rest so that you can make the final decision on your own.

Gorgan, the center of Golestan Province, is one of the cities with good weather in the north of Iran, which is located among the most wonderful forests, the seaside and the towering peaks in the north of the country. The sights of Gorgan and the pleasant weather of this region have made it one of the most popular and touristic regions in the country. The city of Gorgan, among the northern provinces, can attract any tourist of any kind due to its special location, as well as the presence of an ancient culture and history in its heart. The presence of traditional dwellings and forests, as well as the most beautiful and modern Gorgan hotels, such as the Gorgan Botanic Palace Hotel, have helped to calm the imagination of tourists from their place of residence. In the following, we will introduce you to the best and most beautiful attractions of this city.

Pictures of  Gorgan cities

مدينه جرجان

Forests of Golestan Province

Jungle Rango

This area is considered as a forest park and for this reason it is one of the most popular tourist places in Golestan, but to be honest, the forest vegetation in this park is so dense that it looks more like a jungle than a forest park. If you want to go to Rango forest, you have to drive 15 km outside the city. Also, in order to reach the Ranju Forest Trail, you have to go through the alleys of the village called Tushan, which is one of the historical and ancient villages in Golestan Province.

In Rango Forest, there is also a waterfall known as Rango Waterfall. Before going to the waterfall, make sure you have the proper equipment and plan because you have several hours of hiking ahead of you from the beginning of the jungle to the Rango waterfall. Don’t forget the proper hiking shoes.

شلال معروف في غابة ارنجو

Pictures of the Arngo waterfall in northern Iran

Nagdara Forest

Another sightseeing place in Golestan that attracts tourists is the Nagdara Forest in Golestan with all its trees and facilities. It is best to say from the outset that the story of Nagdara Forest is similar to that of Rango Forest. This is actually the forest park in Nagdara district, but due to the density of trees and greenery, it has been overshadowed by the name of the forest instead of the park.

We reviewed the experience and opinions of the guests and travelers who viewed the Nagadra Forest in Golistan; Many of them confirmed that autumn is one of the best days to explore the Nagdara Forest. Do you know why? Because the combination of autumnal yellows and reds in the tunnels created by the trees flexing above you is not a sight you want to miss.

Pictures of Nagdara Forest in Golestan Province

غابة ألنغدرة في محافظه جلستان
غابة ألنغدرة في محافظه جلستان

Golestan Province waterfalls

If you are more adventurous, Golestan Falls can create a good backdrop for you to leave with some happy and exciting memories. Depending on which city you are in, you can choose one of the waterfalls in Golestan Province, of which we have listed the most important for you:

  • Luo waterfall
  • Kappudwal Waterfall
  • Ogsu waterfall
  • Ziarat waterfall
  • Rango waterfall
  • Shirabad waterfall
  • Lashu waterfall
  • Baran Koh waterfall
  • Shadan waterfall

Luo waterfall

The Luh waterfall complex consists of several large and small waterfalls and is located 14 km west of Golestan National Park and south of the village of Luh in the city of Galicia. These falls are about five kilometers from the main road. Luo Waterfall is located next to Golestan National Park. If you’ve gone this far and seen Luo Waterfall, we suggest you don’t miss Golestan National Park. This park has a large area and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Golestan.

Pictures of Luo Waterfall in Golestan Province

شلال لوه في محافظة جلستان في شمال ايران
شلال لوه في محافظة جلستان

Kappudwal Waterfall

It is one of the most important parks in Golestan, and there are many types of plants and springs around it. This waterfall is located four kilometers from the city of Aliabad Kutul and deep in the jungle. The clear water of this waterfall, which comes out of the mountain, is drinkable.

Pictures of Kabudwal Waterfall in Golestan Province

Naharkhoran Park

Naharchoran Forest Park is one of the most interesting places in Gorgan. Among the tourist attractions in Gorgan, this park is one of the best destinations that you can choose for a picnic. Here you enjoy good weather, amazing nature, and abundant vegetation; so don’t hesitate to do so. Good facilities such as restaurants, cafes, suites, accommodations and restrooms are equipped for travelers and tourists in this park. You can also take unique photos of the nature of this forest

Pictures of NaharKhoran Park in Golestan Province

منتزه نهارخوران في محافظة جلستان شمال ايران

Golestan National Park is the largest green area in Iran

If you go from Gorgan to Khorasan, you must go through a green and beautiful road. This wonderful forest forms the largest natural part of Iran. Golestan National Park is a very suitable home for all kinds of animals, especially mammals. The vegetation in this forest is extensive. The tall trees in this forest have been standing for many years. Near the slopes of the mountains are various waterfalls and water springs. If you are planning to travel to this forest, check the weather conditions beforehand. There is a possibility of rain in this region at any time of the year. It is necessary to have warm clothes, suitable shoes, water and food.

Golestan National Park was the only protected area that had a full document in the name of the Environmental Protection Organization. This park was registered as a vital stock and relic in UNESCO in 1977, and again a part of it was registered as Hyrcan Forest in 2018.

Pictures of Golestan National Park

حديقة جولستان الوطنية في شمال ايران

Pictures of park plants in Golestan National Park

نباتات منتزه في الحديقه الوطنية جولستان
نباتات منتزه في الحديقه الوطنية جولستان

Vital advice!

نصيحة حيوية للحيوانات في منتزه جولستان الوطني

Drive your car slowly and carefully on the roads around the park. Because at any moment, a small or large animal may cross your path and cause you an accident. Anyway, this area is their privacy and you want to enjoy watching it. Driving at high speed or turning up the volume of music not only disturbs the peace of the area, birds and animals but can also endanger the lives of these species.

Try to enjoy your trip in peace and end the days leading up to autumn with a good memory.

Gorgan Museum Palace

Gorgan Museum Palace, also known as Gorgan Royal Palace or Gorgan’s Private Palace, is one of the 12 palaces of the Pahlavi dynasty in the country and was the residence of this family in the region. This building was built in the first Pahlavi period. The Gorgan Palace Museum is known as the first museum in the northern region, the country’s 24th museum, and the fourth specialized archaeological museum in Iran. In 1317, Reza Shah ordered the construction of this building along with many other administrative buildings. Statues of 30 eminent personalities of Golestan Province along with remaining works from the Pahlavi era are kept for public display at this place. This work was registered as one of the national works of Iran on December 26, 1336 under registration number 1538, and as one of the tourist attractions in Gorgan, it hosts tourists and visitors.

Pictures of Gorgan Museum Palace

قصر متحف جرجان
داخل قصر متحف جرجان

Gorgan Wall

Every year many tourists travel to China to visit the Great Wall of China. It is interesting to know that the second longest wall in the world is located near the city of Gorgan. The Wall of Gorgan or the Wall of Alexander is one of the largest walls in the world, which was built in this region to fight the enemy in the distant past. Of course, to date, a large part of this 200-kilometer wall, which stretched from the Caspian Sea to the vicinity of the city of Kalala, has been destroyed .

Pictures of the wall of Gorgan

يعد سور الجرجان أو سور الإسكندر أحد أكبر الجدران في العالم
يعد سور الجرجان أو سور الإسكندر أحد أكبر الجدران في العالم

Great Mosque of Gorgan

Like many historical cities and villages, in the city of Gorgan, the Jama Masjid can be mentioned as one of the historical and religious monuments. The historical monument of this beautiful mosque, whose construction dates back to the Seljuk era, is one of the most beautiful places to see in Gorgan, which fascinates the eyes of tourists who travel to this region. The architecture of this building and the inscriptions on the facade and inside the mosque show the ingenuity of the architects of the distant ages in this city.

Pictures of the Great Mosque of Gorgan

المسجد الجامع كأحد مسجد الجامع الكبير المعالم التاريخية والدينية. يعد النصب التاريخي لهذا المسجد الجميل ، الذي يعود تاريخ بنائه إلى العصر السلجوقي
المسجد الجامع كأحد مسجد الجامع الكبير المعالم التاريخية والدينية. يعد النصب التاريخي لهذا المسجد الجميل ، الذي يعود تاريخ بنائه إلى العصر السلجوقي

Karwansaray slide

Caravanserai was one of the waypoints in the distant past, some of which are still standing. One of the oldest caravanserais can be found near the city of Gorgan. Karvansaray irises from the Islamic era is one of the architectural masterpieces of this provinc

كانت Caravanserai واحدة من نقاط الطريق في الماضي البعيد ، وبعضها لا يزال قائماً.

Amadiyah School

Among the old buildings of the city of Gorgan is the Amadiyah School, which dates back to the Safavid era, and includes a group of baths, water pools, and tombs. After many years, Amadiya Madrasah is still considered a rare landmark in Gorgan.

مدرسة العمادية فيجرجان

The final word is that beauty does not end in the north and if you want to travel without a plan you will not be able to visit all these beauties and wonders, so get in touch with us for proper planning.

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