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Travel and tourism guide in the Iranian city of Shiraz | The best Hotels and Landmarks

مدينة شيراز

Shiraz is the fifth largest and most populous city in Iran, which encourages many travelers and tourists to travel to Shiraz due to its historical, natural, religious and cultural attractions. The presence of orange spring flowers in the month of May will turn Shiraz into an earthly paradise, and walking in its streets will give you a pure and unrepeatable feeling. The sights of Shiraz are very extensive and it is really interesting to see its original areas.

The tranquility in Shiraz is indescribable and those who have traveled to this historical city understand this very well. In the following, we will introduce you to the sights and attractions of Shiraz

Learn about the tourist places in Shiraz

Saadi Park

Saadi is the name of one of the famous places in Shiraz where the tomb of Saadi of Shirazi is located. Saadi was one of the famous and famous poets in the seventh century AH, and his grave is now visited by many travelers and tourists. The Saadi mausoleum building was built in 1330 and in 1353 it was registered as a national monument of Iran.

This place was a monastery and a place of worship for Saadi Al-Shirazi, so he was buried there after his death. The combination of two traditional and modern styles together is very unique and has given a special effect to this place. The presence of the pond, the trees and the colorful flowers undoubtedly contributed to the beauty of Saadia and played a special role in the unique peace of this precious place. On your trip to Shiraz, be sure to visit the tomb of Saadi al-Shirazi, the Iranian-Islamic poet and mystic.

السياحة والزيارة الي مرقد سعدي الشيرازي في ايران
السياحة والزيارة الي مرقد سعدي الشيرازي في ايران


Hafizieh is actually a beautiful garden that was once home to the great Iranian poet Hafez.
Hafez al-Shirazi is called one of the most famous and great Iranian poets and has wide popularity in the East and West. This poet was one of the greatest writers of ghazals in the eighth century AH, and Hafez’s Diwan is one of his most famous works.

Hafiye is now a wonderful and pleasant garden with traditional architecture, and the scent of the orange tree fills it and delights the human heart. This garden is located on a land of two hectares. Beautiful trees, flowers and a pond of water increase the beauty of this picturesque place.

This place is crowded most days of the year. You can relax in the coffee shop next to the orange trees and enjoy spending time in this wonderful place.

Eram Garden

One of the best sights and attractions in Shiraz can be presented as the Iram Garden, which seems to be related to the Seljuk period, but most of the unfinished buildings were completed during the reign of Naser al-Din Shah. The beauty of the Eram Shiraz garden is amazing without exaggeration and gives you a sense of freshness and eternal life.

The presence of many trees such as cypress, acacia, willow and colorful flowers in this beautiful garden has increased its popularity and made its atmosphere magical. It is worth noting that the tallest cypress tree in Shiraz is located in this garden, and fruits such as apples, peaches, pears, parsnips, walnuts, oranges, apricots, almonds and dates can be seen on the trees of this garden.

الحافظية هي في الواقع حديقة جميلة كانت في يوم من الأيام موطنًا للشاعر الإيراني العظيم حافظ.

Vakil Bazaar

You can see a group of traditional shops in Shiraz at Karim Khan Market or Vakil Bazaar. Vakil Bazaar is one of the oldest and largest bazaars in Shiraz built by Karim Khan Zand. In addition to selling goods such as carpets, paintings, gold, home accessories, and other items, Vakil Bazaar also has a famous and exquisite design and architecture, which is why it is known as one of the must-see places in Shiraz. It is best to know that this market is closed on Fridays.

مسجد الوكيل هو أحد روائع العمارة الزندية

Karim Khan Castle

Karim Khan Citadel is the largest and oldest historical building in Shiraz. This castle was built in the years 1766 and 1767 AD by Karim Khan Zand, as it is known as Karim Khan Castle. When Karim Khan chose Shiraz as the capital of the Zandi dynasty, he considered this historic castle his residence.

The architecture of this brick building is very beautiful and the best materials are used for it. Karim Khan Castle is square in shape and has four cylindrical towers, each 12 meters high, in its four corners. The northeastern tower of this castle used to be a bathhouse, and the royal family used to bathe there.

It is worth noting that Karim Khan Castle was used as a prison in the Qajar era, but it has now become a beautiful and amazing building, in the middle of which is a garden of orange trees, fountains and ponds, which are visited by many tourists.

قلعة كريم خان زند
قلعة كريم خان زند

Darwaza Quran [Quran Gate]

The most popular tourist attraction in Shiraz is called the Darwaza Qur’an [Gate of the Qur’an]. In the past, the city of Shiraz had 6 gates, and now the only gate left for this city is the Qur’an Gate. This gate was built by Adud al-Dawla al-Daylami and they placed a Koran over it so that travelers could pass under it safely.

The Qur’an Gate was rebuilt during the reign of Karim Khan Zand, and with his instructions, a room was built over the Iran Gate so that two magnificent Qur’ans, known as the Seventeen Kilogram Mushaf, could be placed in this place. These Qur’ans have now been moved from the Shiraz Gate to the Pars Museum in the city centre. Darwaza Qur’an [the Gate of the Qur’an] is located in the northeast of this city, between the two mountains of Chehel Maqam and Babakohi.

This gate is located exactly at the entrance to the city of Shiraz, so that whoever enters this city from the Isfahan-Shiraz road can see this building. The building of the Qur’an Gate is very beautiful and valuable and has a special reputation.

دروازه قران (بواب القران)
دروازه قران (بواب القران)

Naseer Al-Mulk Mosque

You can see the true beauty and the wonderful combination of colors only in the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz. This mosque is among the top 10 mosques in the world and its color is well known. The founder of this mosque is a person named Mirza Hassan Ali Khan Naseer Al-Mulk. This mosque was built by Ali Akbarkhan Qavam, the best engineer at the time.

The construction of this mosque dates back to the Qajar era and is considered one of the best tourist attractions in Shiraz. The use of colored mirrors and turquoise tiles, along with the unique design of the building, expresses the artistry and taste of the architect of this mosque. Sunlight on the colorful windows of the mosque and its reflection on the floor tiles will create an amazing and unusual picture before your eyes.

Try to choose the morning and from 9 to 11 hours to visit this historic mosque, because the sunlight shines on the mosque at its best during these hours. Don’t forget to take a photo when you visit this mosque, which is one of the must-see places in Shiraz.

مسجد نصير الملك
مسجد نصير الملك
مسجد نصير الملك في شيراز

Vakil Historical Bath

Vakil Hammam (Vakil Bathhouse) can also be considered a tourist attraction in Shiraz, as it is considered one of the most famous baths in the history of Iran. This bath was built in 1187 by order of Karim Khan Zand. Vakil’s Hammam (Vakil Bathhouse) contains various parts such as the Sultan’s room, the warm house, the dressing room, the treasury, and the most important part of it is Shah Nashin [the Sultan’s room].

The architecture and decorations used in this building are very amazing and decorated with the paintings of the Mi’raj of the Prophet (may God bless him and grant him peace), the battles of our master Ali (may God be pleased with him), the love affairs of “Shirin” and “Farhad” and the adventures of “Bijan” and “Manija”, which takes the eye and stops the sight.

The number of historical and religious places and picturesque gardens in Shiraz is countless.
For this reason, we confine ourselves to mentioning their names as follows:

حمام وكيل في شيراز

Tomb of Shah Cheragh

One of the religious and valuable places in the city of Shiraz, where there are tombs of two of the brothers of Imam Reza (PBUH).

ضريح شاه چراغ في شيراز
ضريح شاه چراغ في شيراز

Tomb of Khwaju Kermani

One of the most famous and famous poets of the seventh and eighth centuries AH

السياحة و الزيارة الي مرقد خواجو كرماني
السياحة و الزيارة الي مرقد خواجو كرماني

Narangistan Ghavam Park

” Narenjistan Qavam” is another garden from the Qajar era, and its name was derived from the large number of orange trees in the garden and the owner of the garden, Muhammad Ali Khan Qavam al-Mulk, who was one of the wealthy people of Shiraz during the Qajar era.

The design of the entrance to this beautiful garden is quite symmetrical and the presence of two columns in the large balcony of the palace really adds to its beauty.

The combination of stucco, mirror, tile, inlay, stone carving, muqarnas, and painting in different parts of Qavam Palace is amazing and has turned Naranjistan Garden into a unique garden.
It is worth mentioning that the area of ​​this park is about 3500 square meters and the building base is about 940 square meters.

The Narenjestan Qavam Garden was donated to the University of Shiraz in 1335 and is now open to the public as a museum.

حديقة وقصر نارنجستان قوام

Shapori Garden

Shapori Palace is one of the beautiful and magnificent palaces in Shiraz, which is associated with the first Pahlavi era.

Kolah Farangi Building or Pars Museum

Pars Museum is actually the tomb of Karim Khan Zand, which is located in a large and beautiful garden. This palace represents the magnificent architecture of the Zandid period and was converted into the Pars Museum in 1310.

عمارة کلاه فرنگی شيراز

Tourist places around Shiraz

  • Historical sights around Shiraz
  • Persepolis | Palaces of the Achaemenid kings

Takht Jamshid or Persepolis is one of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture in the world, which is the successor of the glorious Achaemenid Empire. The unique architecture and structure of this building is interesting to the whole world, and for this reason, Persepolis is considered one of the most important documents in the history of world civilization. The city of Persepolis includes many palaces and ancient buildings, the most important of which are the Apadana Shosh Palace, the Modern Palace, the Thatcher Palace, the Gate of Nations, the Queen’s Palace, and the Persepolis Museum. Everyone who travels to Shiraz visits the Achaemenid capital; So don’t miss out on visiting it.

Pasargad and the tomb of Great Kuresh the Achaemenid are among the most important tourist places around Shiraz

One of the most important sightseeing spots around Shiraz is the Pasargadae Historical Complex, which is especially popular among Iranians because of the tomb of the Great Kurush (Kuresh) , the mighty and virtuous king of the Achaemenid Empire. Of course, we should not forget that this complex, in addition to the tomb of Cyrus, has other interesting attractions that will create an unforgettable experience. If you travel to the magnificent Pasargadae complex, do not forget to visit the Gate Palace, the Stone Gate, the Stone Tower, the Holy Precinct, Takht Hill, Mozaffari Karansari, and the Iranian Garden Complex.

Naqsh-e Rostam [Tomb of the Great Kings of Iran]

Among the tourist places around Shiraz, you must not forget to visit Naqsh-e Rostam. Naqsh-e Rostam is an ancient site and is one of the most amazing and valuable historical monuments in Fars Province, which will delight you to visit every corner of it. A visit to the many sculptural works from the Elamite to Sasanian period in this region will be the beginning of an adventure into the heart of the history of this region. After that, you can visit the great Kaaba of Zoroaster. The unique architecture, special inscriptions and artistic carvings of this Kaaba are amazing to every viewer. It is interesting to know that this area is the burial place of the great Persian kings like Darius the Great, Darius II, Ardashir I and Xerxes Shah.

نقش رستم [قبر ملوك إيران العظماء]

1st Shapur Cave | An art of mountain carving

Shapur I Cave is one of the important places around Shiraz, and it is very important because of the magnificent and huge statue of Shapur I built in its mouth. This statue, which is registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List, is a masterpiece of Iranian stone carving in the Sassanian era. If you also enjoy seeing Iranian artifacts,

Al-Rajab inscriptions [wonderful and artistic inscriptions on the slopes of Mount Rahmat]

The Inscriptions of Rajab [Nagshe Rajab] is another tourist attraction around Shiraz, which is of great value from a historical point of view. This work consists of many fine reliefs on the slopes of Jebel Rahmat, which beautifully display the art of the ancient Iranians. These panels show the three important gatherings of the Sasanian era, which include the coronation assembly of Shapur I, the coronation assembly of Ardeshir Babakan, and the assembly of Shapur and the courtiers, which were made by Iranian artists and stone-workers.

نقوش الرجب

Natural and recreational attractions around Shiraz

Margoun Waterfall | The most beautiful waterfall in Iran

Margoun Waterfall, which is about 100 meters wide and 70 meters high, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran whose grandeur will surprise you. The presence of apple trees, barberry bushes, and hawthorn trees around this waterfall added to the fun of sightseeing in this area. We recommend that if you are planning to visit the places of interest around Shiraz, you should include a visit to this large and high waterfall in your schedule to experience a pleasant encounter with a unique nature.

Buraq [Buraq Strait] | A stunning manifestation of the natural beauty of Fars Province

Tang Buraq [Valley of Buraq] is a beautiful village with good weather, and it is one of the functions of the city of Euclid in Fars Province. This village is considered one of the most important tourist places around the city of Shiraz and Euclid. Tang Barak Valley is a pure area in this village and it is an example of earthly paradise in Fars Province because of the amazing river passing through the rocks of this valley and the presence of a waterfall and a clear water pond.

Dasht-Ergen [Plain of Ergen] is a unique nature on the slopes of the Zagros Mountains

Dasht-e-Arjan can be considered as one of the most beautiful places around Shiraz. If you travel to the Arjan plain, you will see a whole host of natural beauties before your eyes. Refreshing green nature, an eye-catching waterfall, a lake with fresh and clear water, and a wetland that is the nest of migratory birds are just part of the beauty of this region. If you visit this beautiful paradise in spring and May, a large plain covered with overturned tulips will caress your eyes and soul.

دشت ارجن شيراز

There are many tourist and recreational areas in Fars and Shiraz provinces in Iran that have not been covered in this article, so contact our experts for proper planning.

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