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Travel and tourism guide in the city of Tehran, the capital of Iran

Travel to Tehran, the densely populated capital of Iran|prices and costs

Tehran is one of the largest and most populous capitals in the world, with a population of 12 million. Naturally, you need to know the historical, natural, and recreational possibilities of this large and densely populated city. In this article, we show you the best places in Tehran for foreign tourists

تهران برج ميلاد

Azadi Square

Of course, Azadi Square is one of those places that all Iranians know. This square is also one of the symbols of Tehran and one of the best choices for foreign tourists to choose some of the sights of Tehran. This square was built in 1345 and designed by Hussein Amanat. There are also interesting places inside this tower that you must see. Also, from the top of the tower, you can see a large part of Tehran. Also, the entrance ticket to the tower is very expensive and will not cost you much

Pictures of Azadi Square

ساحة آزادي في تهران
ساحة آزادي في تهران

Milad Tower

Milad tower is known by all Iranians. This place is one of the best tourist places in Tehran for tourists. Milad tower is 435 meters high and has very good and various places like: revolving restaurant, open viewing platform, sky dome, lezrem, etc. which you must see.

Nature Bridge

Another entertainment place in Tehran, which is very popular among the residents of this city, is Tabiat Bridge.

The Natural Bridge is a two-story pedestrian bridge located in the Abbasabad district of Tehran.

This bridge, which has not been built for a long time, is now one of the symbols of Tehran.

This bridge is very important from the point of view of architecture and was built in such a way that it passes through the Mudarres Highway and connects the Taleqani Park in the east with the “Water and Fire” Park in the west.
Tabiat Bridge is one of the tourist attractions in Tehran that all tourists want to include in their tour of Tehran.
This is because, in addition to many recreational facilities, Tabiat Bridge offers visitors a very beautiful view of the city of Tehran.
Therefore, it can be said that going to the Natural Bridge will be a great choice for sightseeing in Tehran at night.
This bridge, which is the largest non-motorized bridge in the Middle East and the first non-motorized bridge in Iran, has unique spaces for walking, sitting on benches, and enjoying the scenery.
The presence of many cafes and restaurants on the first floor of the bridge also contributes to the popularity of this place among the people.

Pictures of Nature Bridge

Shah Palace or Saadabad Palace

The historical and cultural complex of Saadabad Palace is considered one of the most prominent places in contemporary history, and it is considered that the last kings of Iran lived in this palace during the Qajar and Pahlavi periods.
So, in addition to enjoying the original and eye-catching architecture of this palace and exploring the natural spaces, you can learn more about the history of contemporary Iran at Saadabad.

Saadabad Palace was actually a summer residence in Tehran, surrounded by beautiful gardens.
The Saadabad complex is geographically located in the Shemiranat district of Tehran, on Tochal Hill, and has many palaces and buildings built by Reza Shah for members of the royal family.

The White Palace, the Green Palace or the Marble Palace, the Sun Palace, the Palace of Ashraf Pahlavi, the Palace of Ahmad Shahi, the Shahound Palace, the White Palace or the Palace of Malat, the Private Palace, the statue of Arash Kamangir [Arash kamangir] and the Black Palace where the Museum of Fine Arts is located from Among the wonderful places the structures of the group, they are considered Saadabad.

Also, if you are interested in visiting museums, visit the museums of this palace, such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Anthropology, the Museum of Royal Clothes, the Museum of Royal Dishes, the Ustad Farshshian Museum, the Ustad Behzad Miniature Museum, the Mir Imad Calligraphy Museum, the Eternal Faces Museum, the Water Museum And the Military Museum can attract you.


Pictures of Shah Palace or Saadabad Palace

قصر الشاة أو قصر سعد آباد
قصر الشاة أو قصر سعد آباد في طهران
قصر الشاة أو قصر سعد آباد

Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace includes a series of historical buildings in Tehran Province that were built at different times. This palace is considered one of the most important historical buildings in the country in terms of its architecture and the value of its artistic and historical works, which witness the presence of local and foreign tourists throughout the year. The aforementioned palace consists of various parts such as the Marble Throne of the Terrace, the Hall of Peace, the Hall of Mirrors, the Dining Hall, the Karimkhani Khult, the Berlian Hall, the Badgir Palace, the Shams al-Amarah Palace, the Diamond Hall, and the White Palace. The porch of the marble throne and the mausoleum of Karimkhani, belonging to the Karimkhan Zand period, are the oldest buildings in the Golestan complex.

We see pictures from different parts of Golestan Palace as follows:

Shams al-Amarah’s photo

صورة شمس العمارة في قسر جلستان

Marble throne picture:

Hall of Mirrors photo:

صورة قاعة المرايا في قصر جلستان

Ivory Hall Picture:

صورة قاعة العاج في قصر جلستان

Berlin Hall’s photo:

صورة قاعة برليان في قصر جلستان

White Palace’s photo:

صورة قصر الأبيض في قصر جلستان
Visiting hours for Golestan Palace

9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (tickets on sale until 5:15 PM)

The Bird's garden in Tehran

The Bird’s Park is located in the middle of the Lavasan forests, as it was designed and built in two phases and is considered one of the largest bird parks in the Middle East. Tehran Bird’s Garden contains about 168 species and 3,000 bird pavilions from all over the world. In general, the design of this garden makes the conditions for keeping birds in it natural and the birds live in a place similar to their real environment.

Why Bird's Park in Tehran?

  • It is one of the largest bird parks in the Middle East and one of the most attractive places to visit in Tehran.
  • Where you can see an amazing collection of 3000 different birds from all over the world.
  • Lavasan Park is located among one of the beautiful forest parks in Tehran.
  • Here you can see famous birds like peacock, ostrich, parrot, eagle, falcon, swan, etc., which you have only seen in wildlife documentaries.
  • If you are interested in bird watching, in this park you can watch the flight of birds in an open environment and enjoy their presence in nature.
  • Bird park facilities in Tehran
  • Cafe, restaurant and buffet
  • Wooden gazebo and bench
  • Take pictures with a parrot closely
  • parking
  • Painting workshop in nature (especially for children)
  • Flower hut and plants
  • Domestic transportation service
  • Prayer room
  • bathroom

Pictures of the Bird’s Garden in Tehran

حديقة الطيور في طهران
حديقة الطيور في طهران
حديقة الطيور في طهران
Visiting hours for the Bird’s Garden in Tehran

From 10:00 am until sunset


Darband is an excellent region with a pleasant climate, where many residents of the capital take refuge from the city’s congestion, traffic and air pollution, to enjoy its picturesque landscapes, and to enjoy a delicious meal in its many restaurants. But that is not the whole story, and without having to leave Tehran, they can go hiking and enjoy the nice weather and the scenic surroundings. Walking on the Darband stone road and passing different restaurants and vendors and eating all kinds of peaches, lavash, sorrel, beans, cobs, etc., is what gave Darband a double charm.

If you are interested in mountaineering, you can go to Derbent to climb the central Alborz mountains, especially the Tochal peak. In addition to the mountaineering path, other attractions such as the Darband cable car, the beautiful nature, as well as the many cafes and restaurants in the corners of this area have made it one of the main leisure hangouts in Tehran.

At the beginning of the path there is a statue known as the statue of Darband or the statue of Sarbandar Square, and it has an interesting story, as the statue of a mountain climber located in Sarband Square in the Darband district was the work of Reza Lal Riahi, an Iranian. The sculptor and painter who made in 1341 AD. Hassan Fajdankoush, an Iranian mountain climber, proposed the idea of ​​building this statue in 1958 AD. Colonel Bayat, who was in charge of the army’s mountain training center at that time, made preparations for its construction, and the cost of 10,000 tomans [one Iranian currency] was borne by the municipality of Tehran at that time. Interestingly, Amir Shah Jademi, who was an army sergeant and instructor of Iranian mountaineering and skiing, was offered as a model for this statue. The reason for this choice was related to his cooperation in rescuing the passengers of an American plane that crashed in Iran, and John F. Kennedy, the President of the United States at the time, awarded her a medal in 1961

Photos of Darband restaurants

صور مطاعم منطقة دربند
صور مطاعم منطقة دربند
صور مطاعم منطقة دربند

National Museum of Iran (Museum of Ancient Iran)

The Museum of Ancient Iran is the oldest, most important, largest and richest museum in Iran. This museum is divided into two parts: ancient Iran and the Islamic era. In the Ancient Iran section, historical objects from the Paleolithic period to the Sasanian period are presented. In the Islamic section, works of the post-Islamic era were presented.

Join the Ariana Tourism Company museum tour at the National Museum of Iran for an exciting journey into the depths of the ancient world.

The National Museum of Iran, as the first official museum of the country and the mother museum, with an infrastructure of more than 20,000 square meters and an area of ​​18,000 square meters, includes two departments: the Museum of Ancient Iran and the Museum of Islamic Archeology and Arts. More than 300,000 pieces from different cultural periods in Iran, i.e. from the prehistoric era to the Islamic era, are kept in this museum.

The Museum of Ancient Iran is associated with the works of the ancient stone age until the pre-Islamic era, with the date of its opening in 1937 AD, and the Museum of the Islamic Era is associated with archaeological works and art in the Islamic era of Iran with the opening date of 1996 AD.

It is worth noting that the designer and architect of this museum is André Godard, the famous French architect.

The French designer designed this museum on the basis of the Sassanid Madain Palace, which consists of a corridor with a long arch and 10-meter walls.

The museum displays the antiquities of ancient Iran from the Stone Age to the Sasanian era on two floors.

A picture of the building of the National Museum of Iran

صورة عن بناء متحف ايران الوطني

First floor: Prehistoric Age

عصور ما قبل التاريخ في متحف ايران الوطني

Second floor: Posthistoric times

عصور ما بعد التاريخ في متحف ايران الوطني
عصور ما بعد التاريخ في متحف ايران الوطني

In the case of Tehran, the work does not end here, and it has many museums and shopping centers, which can be mentioned as follows:

List of other museums

  • Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Carpet Museum in Tehran
  • National Museum of Jewelry
  • Reza Abbasi Museum
  • Holy Defense Museum
  • Music Museum
  • Water Museum

List of the most important and famous marketing centers in Tehran

  • Palladium Shopping Centre, Brand Festival
  • Kourosh Shopping Center, the best among the shopping malls in Tehran
  • Tiraj Shopping Centre, an amusement park in the heart of the mall
  • The giant mega mall of the capital
  • Iran diamond shopping center
  • Sevan Center is a newly born shopping center in the eastern region of Tehran
  • Andishe arcade shopping center in the heart of the capital
  • Bam Land, a lakeside shopping mall
  • Mega mall from the corridors of Tehran in the most powerful city in the capital
  • Tandis lane, the busiest lane in Tajrish Square
  • Lavasan Sky Centre; Shopping with a view of nature
  • Alalahia Modern Shopping Center; Stylish and attractive
  • Niavaran Atlas Shopping Center; Incomparable beauty
  • Aren Saadat Abad is newly established and popular
  • Tehran Grand Bazaar; The economic heart of the capital
  • Mirdamad Shopping Centre; One of the best shopping centers in Tehran

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