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Tourism and travel in northern Iran in the province of Mazandaran (the cities of Kelardasht and Ramsar…)

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Learn about the trip in Kelardasht

کلاردشت في الشمال ايران

Kelardasht is located about 50 km from the city of Chalus in Mazandaran Province. If you want the distance to Tehran, we have to say that this distance is about 170 km.

If you expect to see the sea, you better know that Kelardasht has no beach, but the distance to the coast of the Caspian Sea from the Marzanabad road or from the Abbasabad forest road is about thirty to forty-five minutes, no more.

Kelardasht is one of the high points of Mazandaran Province. Therefore, the mountains of Klardashti are expected to turn white in winter, and the climate of this region is cooler than other parts of the province.

Places of interest in Kelardasht are very attractive and heartwarming. There is no exaggeration. Even by looking at pictures of the forests and lakes of Kelardasht, you can tell that you are facing a special part of the north and a special bundle of beauty. Below, we will introduce you to some of these beauties:

Mazichal village; higher than the clouds

قرية مازيجال أعلى من الغيوم

Mazigal is a small village near Kelardasht, where you will see an ocean of clouds under your feet. Mazigal Village is an ideal destination for those who love camping in nature. If you love sleeping in a sleeping bag and tent, you will definitely enjoy spending time in this village.

When traveling to Mizzil Village, you must bring these amenities:

  1. The tent
  2. warm clothes
  3. Adequate food and drink
  4. first aid kit
  5. Shoes suitable for traveling in mountainous nature
  6. Knowledgeable guide and interpreter of the area

Lake Velesht

بحيرة فيلاشت( velesht)

You can swim, boat, fish or sit by the lake and enjoy it too in Kelardasht. You have to go to the northeast of Kelardasht and visit Vilesht Lake with us.

You must pay an entrance fee to enter the Lake District. Around the lake it is possible to get to shops and shops to buy food, etc.

The fresh water lake Velesht is located in the north-east of Kelardasht and hosts many tourists every year due to its unique and charming landscapes and unique nature. In addition to fishing, swimming, and boating on the lake, you can try other activities such as cycling, walking around the lake, or witnessing the natural beauty of the mountains. Spring and summer season is the best time to visit Velesht Lake, and due to the availability of facilities such as cafes, restaurants, accommodation suites, campsites, restrooms, buffets, and supermarkets, you can visit this beautiful lake without any worries.

Kalardasht Road - Abbasabad (Forest of Dreams).

طريق كلاردشت - عباس آباد( غابة الأحلام)

Have you noticed the nature posters? The one that shows a road with green forest and dreamy trees on either side? The way to enter such a poster and picture is to go to Kalardasht Road to Abbasabad. It is as if Klardasht was created to move the boundaries of imagination, dream and reality. On the forest path from Kelardasht towards Abbasabad, you will not only see jungle but also come across water-filled springs on your way.

The forest road from Kelardasht to Abbasabad is about 25 kilometers long, walking through the zigzags and turns in the heart of a green forest with parsnip, pomegranate, oak trees, etc., a breathtaking picture of a rich nature.

Siah Bisheh [Black Forest]

Fog and the pleasant smell of dampness are inseparable features of the north, especially the village of Al-Siyabisha. In almost all seasons of the year, the village of Al-Siyabisha is covered by thick fog. The thick fog of this village makes it black, which is why it is called Balsiya Bisha.

Hunting is prohibited in this area, with an area of 9,000 hectares. A very small number of residents, for example, perhaps about 11 families, live in Siyabisha. You can also visit this wonderful village. It is also possible to rent a country house in Siyabisha. Step into the heart of this rural beauty and relax for a few days away from the smoke and hustle and bustle of the city.
So, quickly add Sayabisha to your list of places to visit in Kelardasht.

Roadpark Forest Park

Rodbark is a great place for camping by the river, especially in summer. In this forest park, you can not only use platforms and gazebos for camping, but also rent a room.

Bathroom, play equipment, supermarket, restaurant, coffee shop, green environment, nice weather, etc. all tell about having a moment free from the worries of daily life.

Namak Abroad city in northern Iran

The city of Namak Abroad is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the north of the country, as it is located in Mazandaran Province, 12 km from Chalus. In addition to the green environment and the very good weather of this region, the most important reason for its popularity can be considered the Namak Abroad Cable Car, which attracts many travelers. In addition, the nearly 200-hectare forest gardens have created great visual attractions that are well worth a visit.
The presence of facilities such as restaurants, restrooms, parking lots, shopping malls, etc. has also become a reason for tourists to choose this tourist area for their trip.

The city of Namak Abroad has many recreational and tourist facilities, the most important of which are:

  • Namak-Abrud Telecabine
تلفريك نمك أبرود

The Nemak-Abroud Telecabine was operated in 1372 and is one of the most attractive places for recreation in Namak-Abroud, as it offers the possibility of climbing to the beautiful peaks and watching the stunning views of the forest and the Caspian Sea. Tourists with a Telecabine can go to the top of the mountain in 15 minutes in a four person cabin and experience different entertainment. With a temperature difference of 10 degrees compared to the mountainside, the mountain peak is an excellent option to enjoy the cool weather in the hot months of the year.

Two cable cars with 6-seater fiberglass cabins have been extended to the top of the mountain, which is 1,700 meters long.

  • Namak Abroad Forest Park

Namak-Abroud Forest Park is one of the best sights in Namak-Abroud, as a cable car line passes through it and shows you a corner of its beauty. This forest of more than 200 hectares contains various types of plants. Interestingly, some of the trees are over 700 years old. With its pristine areas, springs, ancient trees, and misty weather, this park is a great place for nature tourism and picnics. Especially in the first half of the year when favorable weather prevails in the region.
In part of this park there are many restaurants, cafes, water fountains and walking paths, while in the south of the park several pavilions have been installed for tourists to have a picnic.

  • Suspension bridge

Suspension bridge is another great amusement in Namak Abroad Adventure Park, which brings you the thrill of walking on a narrow bridge in the middle of the mountains. As this bridge has high security, you can walk on it without any worries. The suspension bridge is made of wood and ropes, and its width is taken for the passage of one person. To use this bridge, you have to take two Telecabines.

The city of Ramsar, the bride of Iranian cities

Ramsar is one of the cities in the north of the country, and it is one of the most popular travel destinations throughout the year, especially in the spring and summer seasons, because of its stunning natural scenery, many tourist attractions and its legendary nature. This city is located on the edge of the Alborz Mountains forest and the Caspian Sea.

There are many places to see in the city of Ramsar itself as follows:

  • Casino Street
شارع الکازینو

The former Teacher Street or Casino Street dates back to the first Pahlavi regime, just like the Swan Motel. It is said that the foundation stone for this street was laid in 1310.

Since there were many casinos at the end of this street at that time, everyone knew this area as Casino Boulevard. However, after the Islamic Revolution in 1357, Casino Boulevard was renamed Al Muallem Street.

Al Moallem Avenue is located in front of the Ramsar Hotel and is considered one of the prominent tourist attractions in Ramsar City. This street was recorded in the Iranian National Works List in 1352 and is one of the few streets recorded in the National Register.

  • Shah’s (King’s) palace

The Shah’s Palace or the Marble Palace is one of the most beautiful historical monuments in Iran, and it is considered one of the must-visit places in Ramsar, the bride of the cities of northern Iran. This palace, which dates back to the first Pahlavi period, is located in a large and green garden and houses a variety of museums such as the ancient Bath Museum, the Museum of Documents, the Ramsar Museum of Anthropology and the Ivory Museum. The palace, which is currently used as a museum, was awarded the title of the most visited museum in Iran in 1390. With its unique design and stunning grandeur, the Palace Museum is a great place for photography. Follow along to provide you with information about the Marble Palace, its history and architecture, as well as its visiting hours and ticket price, to help you plan your trip to Ramsar.

  • Jawaherdeh village

The village of Jawaherdeh is one of the most famous tourist places in Ramsar in the north of the country, which invites you to a journey in a fantasy painting with a dreamy road covered in fog. This village, with its pleasant climate and unique landscape, hosts many domestic and foreign tourists every year, who are amazed by the unique beauty of this region as soon as they step on the road leading to this village. Join us on a magical journey to the village of Jawaherdeh to get more information about the natural and historical features of this village, the culture of this region, souvenirs from Jawaherdeh, as well as the conditions of residence there.

  • Ramsar Telecabine

The Ramsar Cable Car is the largest cable car in the country, located five kilometers west of Ramsar City and a very short distance from Chaboksar City in Gilan Province. This two-kilometer cable car has 40 privately built cabins. This cable car is the only cable car in the Middle East that connects the forested heights with the sea coast.

Around Ramsar, there are many tourist spots, villages and forests that one should plan to visit, such as:

  • Dalekhani Forest
  • Saffaroud Forest
  • Garsmaser district, etc.
  • Photo of Dalekhani and Saffaroud forests and Garmassar district

Souvenir trip in the dreamy and misty forests of the North

  • Forest “Two thousand and three thousand.”

Where is the forest two thousand and three thousand?

In the beautiful nature of Mazandaran, there are forests known as “two thousand and three thousand”. The forests located in the heart of the mountain are amazingly intertwined. At the same time, the presence of high mountains between these two forests separated them from each other. As the way to reach it is also different from each other, and this forest is also known as Dohzar Abbasabad Forest because it is located near this city.

  • A picture of the forests of 2000 and 3000

The reason why the forest is called two thousand and three thousand

Perhaps the name of these forests will seem a little strange to you. As it seems, one of the reasons why these forests are named is because of their height above sea level.

In this way, the forest area is two thousand and three thousand meters, respectively, two thousand and three thousand meters from sea level. Of course, others believe that the names of these forests in the beginning were Haraz, which in the course of time changed to Hazar, and three thousand changes were made.

Haraz means river in the local language, and the presence of three famous rivers in the Three Thousand War named “Jerf River”, “Jarmar River” and “Maran River” made this region famous with the same name. Important rivers that originate from the mountains and play a major role in the formation of the plains of Mazandaran.

What is the difference between the two forests?

There are more accommodation and care facilities in the “Alfin” forest, while it is located at a lower altitude than the “Three Thousand” forest. In contrast, the “Three Thousand” forest is located at a higher altitude, and there are no public facilities. It is suitable for natural tourism, mountaineering, and sleeping in tents..

You can rent a hut in the Alfen Forest and buy handicrafts, and there are cafes and restaurants, but there are no such facilities in the Three Thousand Forests and you have to go with all the equipment.

The best time to travel to the 2000 and 3000 forests

Spring is always the best time to travel to northern Iran. The season when nature seems to take on a different color and scent and reveals itself with more greenery and luster. A season, in addition to greenery and beauty, springs of clear water flow from the ground and trees full of flowers create dreamy landscapes. Rivers full of water are another part of the beauty of the area, which flow in the heart of the forest and a beautiful sound can be heard from them.

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