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Travel guide for Mashhad, Iran

As we said, as in the old days, travelers did not sum up the sights of Mashhad only in the Noble Sanctuary. This city includes many natural and tourist attractions that will create an unforgettable trip for you.

Holy places in Mashhad

Mashhad is famous for its holy sites. So, first of all, let’s visit the sacred places of this wonderful city.

The shrine of Imam Reza (PBUH) is considered one of the most important holy places. The focal point of Mashhad is the shrine of Imam Reza. Some people visit Mashhad just to visit Imam Reza (AS) and enjoy the spirituality of this shrine. On the other hand, inside the courtyard and the mausoleum there are many beauties.

مشهد مقدس حرم مطهر امام رضا

Goharshad Mosque, Mashhad

Another must-see place in Mashhad is Goharshad Mosque. Goharshad Mosque is located at a very short distance from the Imam Reza shrine. Goharshad Mosque is one of the historical monuments of the Mughal era in Iran.

The height of the dome of the Goharshad Mosque is 41 meters, and the height of each minaret of the mosque is 43 meters. Evan Maqsura A painting by artists from the Timurid era. The Baysankar inscription attracts attention from the very beginning in the maqsura balcony. The beautiful tiling of this balcony is another attraction of Goharshad Mosque

Green Dome

It is one of the must-visit places in Mashhad.
The Green Dome is another must-see in Mashhad. This dome is located near the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) and is about a 10-minute drive away. It is said that this dome belongs to the shrine of Sheikh Muhammad Mumin Aref Astrabdi, one of the most famous Sufis. The dome is more bluish-green than green. No matter where you stay or what hotel you stay in, you can easily visit the magnificent green dome of this pilgrimage city from anywhere in Mashhad.

If you are planning to stay, these are some of the best hotels in Mashhad:

  • Reza City Hotel, Mashhad
  • Si Noor Hotel, Mashhad
  • Almas Hotel 2 Mashhad

The main building of this dome is octagonal and has 4 main walls. All these walls are covered with tiles. Tiles with beautiful colors and artistic combination. The history of this dome dates back to the year 904 (AH) in the Safavid era.

القبة الخضراء في مشهد مقدس

Holy Mesrob Church

During your trip to Mashhad, be sure to visit the religious monuments. Holy Masroop Church is one of the other must-visit places in Mashhad. Of course, this church is famous as St. Mary’s Church among the people. Holy Masroop Church is located on Janbaz Street.

This church was built by Armenians living in Mashhad in 1941. The area of ​​this holy place is not very large and is about 300 square meters. Two conical domes with small crosses on them represent the church from a distance. It should be noted that, at the present time, mass religious ceremonies are not held in the Holy Masroub Church.

كنيسة مسروب المقدسة بمدينة مشهد

Places and landmarks in Mashhad for garden lovers and nature lovers

If you want to see the sights and relax, after visiting the holy places, then visiting the garden and the picturesque nature of Madinah will give your soul a new lease on life.

Rocky mountain complex in Mashhad

If you are not interested in seeing historical sights, no problem as there are other options waiting for you. Koh Sangi Park [Rocky Mountain] is one of the tourist and recreational attractions in Mashhad. The Rocky Mountain complex is the second largest garden in Mashhad and was built in 1310 AH in the summer areas of Mashhad.

If you have chosen a good and high-quality Mashhad tour, you can easily visit most of the sights of Mashhad, including the Mashhad rock itself, with a guided tour.

There is a very beautiful lake in the middle of the park, which adds more beauty to the park and makes it one of the best tourist spots in Mashhad. This place is located near Mashhad Airport (Hashemi Nejad International Airport).

بحيره في مجمع الجبل الصخري في مشهد

Chali-Dar-reh (Chalidareh)

Another interesting place around Mashhad is Chalidra. Khalidara is located in western Mashhad, about 30 kilometers from the city center.
Chalidra is one of the tourist attractions and entertainment venues in Mashhad, which has attracted many tourists in recent years. This tourist area contains various facilities for leisure and enjoyment. There is a beautiful artificial lake in Chalidareh, where boating gives you a special treat. All kinds of small and big boats are available in this lake for your pleasure. But apart from boating, this lake has other attractions.

Among the other possibilities in Chalidra, we can mention the Chalidareh Telecabine, fishing in the lake, the revolving tower, and the zip line. The delicious foods and dishes of the restaurants and cafes in Chalidra really oblige after sightseeing and fun.

تشالي درة مشهد


You must have heard the name Tarqoba in Mashhad a lot. Tarqabah is one of the other tourist and entertainment places in Mashhad that has nice weather. This pleasant weather is due to the mountainous location of Tarqabah. The presence of a large number of restaurants and cafes serving delicious and famous dishes in Torquabeh attracts the satisfaction of the guests.

طرقبة في مشهد[Torghabeh]

Pictures of restaurants and cafes in the Tarqabah area

صور عن مطاعم ومقاهي في منطقة طرقبة
صور عن مطاعم ومقاهي في منطقة طرقبة

Scream Forest

One of the scariest scenes in Mashhad. I’ll tell you everything I found out. Choosing scientific reasons or accepting events stranger than you know is another.

Since 1990, at the same time as the sudden flood of the Sarbarg River near the city of Mashhad, and of course, and most surprisingly, the river never runs dry, the sound of a woman burning in the midst of a fire has filled the forest at night. This voice is not a fantasy nor a lie. I only heard it became more noticeable in June. Of course, some might think that this sound can only be heard from within the forest in a few months of the year.

Some say this is the voice of a woman who was actually burned in a forest fire in the past. Some people believe in curses, others believe that the nocturnal movement of orcs and demons is the cause of this terrible sound. Be that as it may, these days our company Ariana Scream Forest Tours take people to this spooky place to experience total horror from morning till night. Of course, we suggest not only spending the night in the screaming forest, but coming back and leaving the forest before dark.

What is the reason for the sounds of the forest, the screams of the Targhabeh?

Some people and experts believe that this forest is cursed, and some of them even gave logical and justified reasons for this issue, but some of the people of Sarburgh village reject these beliefs and do not believe in them.
Also, some experts have several theories for the sounds in the screaming forest of Iran, and we will discuss some examples of them together.

غابة الصراخ في مدينة مشهد
غابة الصراخ في مدينة مشهد
غابة الصراخ في مدينة مشهد
  • The first theory about a screaming forest in a Mashhad
    Some experts believe that the annual invasion of locusts in the forest, especially the lake in the forest in different seasons, caused this sound to be produced. But some people say that no sound was heard in Sarbarg Village and Jig Forest before 2013, and since that year strange sounds have started in this forest.
  • The second theory of the Jig forest in Mashhad
    Some believe that because of the dense trees and the wind twisting between the trees of this forest, the sound of the wind blowing through it creates a terrible and frightening sound..
  • The third theory about the forest Jig Torqaba
    Environmental experts point to the presence of cockroaches called (Kez) or (Chez) in the screaming forest in Mashhad Bayran and expect their number to be several thousand. These cockroaches are found in the trees around the river and in some cases there may be 3,000 cockroaches living in a single tree. At night they sing at the same time and make this terrifying sound.

تشبه غابة Dering Woods في إنجلترا غابة الصراخ [ Jigh ]في مشهد بايران

Among similar examples of the Jigh forest in Iran, Mashhad, we can refer to the Dering Woods in England. This forest has thick fog most of the year. But one of the reasons why this forest is so scary is not its misty nature, but the terrifying sound that comes from this forest. Some people hear a man groaning and others hear that man whispering and babbling.

  • People around us believe that in the eighteenth century, an army colonel committed suicide in this forest, and later the Dering Woods forest, England, was haunted by the wandering spirit of this man. Until now, no one had dared to enter this forest. The people who entered it were killed. A massacre of 20 tourists and 4 students who came to this forest for vacation, and even their bodies disappeared.

The possibility of staying in the screaming forest in Mashhad, Iran

Stay in the screaming forest? If you have the courage to sleep in a place where scary and terrifying sounds are constantly heard, just take a sleeping bag or travel tent with you and become the first person to see the noisy forest at night and spend the night there. The reason for this could be the extreme cold of the forest, the mountainous conditions of the area, and the presence of terrifying sounds in it.

Around the mentioned forest and its path, there is an ecotourism lodge, if you are interested in staying near forests, you can stay in this accommodation. You can also spend the night in Saarburg by renting out the houses of the villagers.

Ariana Medicare Tour Services provides you with a safe and exciting journey in the screaming forest, a unique experience and trip. Therefore, do not hesitate and contact us to provide you with a complete travel guide to this village and other cities in Iran for you, dear tourist.
تجربة ورحلة في غابة الصراخ
تجربة ورحلة في غابة الصراخ
تجربة ورحلة في غابة الصراخ

Mashhad is an important tourist city in Iran, which attracts many domestic and foreign tourists because of the shrine of Imam Reza, so Mashhad is very popular; However, it is very wrong to define Mashhad as a religious city only. In Mashhad, you can find many tourist attractions such as museums, parks, and recreational areas, all of which are very beautiful and worth a visit. We will introduce you to the museums of Mashhad. Stay with us to get to know them better

Khorasan Grand Museum

The Great Museum of Khorasan is considered one of the most important museums in Mashhad in Khorasan Province, and it is located near the [Koh Sangi] park. This museum has 4 different entrances and you can enter this museum from four different directions. The Grand Museum of Khorasan was opened in 2013 in a 12-storey building. The interior of the museum consists of different sections, and in all sections, you will see cabinets for preserving many historical objects.

Each floor of the Grand Museum of Khorasan is dedicated to a special history. In some parts of this museum you can find works belonging to the Achaemenid, Seleucid, Parthian and Sasanian periods. In the Islamic era sections of this museum, you can see Qurans attributed to Shiite imams. Apart from these works, this museum also keeps all kinds of exquisite Qurans, glass, books and precious carpets from different historical periods. This museum includes full amenities and services such as meeting room, library, prayer room, bathroom, and museum guide.

متحف خراسان الكبير

Museums of Astan Quds Razavi

Astan Quds Razavi Museums, located in the Astan Quds Razavi complex, is another great museum in Mashhad. The area of ​​Astan Quds Razavi Museum is 1300 square meters. In this museum, works of art and handicrafts that are more than a thousand years old are kept. We recommend visiting them to your loved ones and art lovers. The architecture of the museum has a very beautiful appearance and is built in the style of Iranian Islamic architecture. In its different parts, you can see the style of different periods of Iranian architecture.
The interesting thing to note about the Astan Quds Razavi Museum is that most of the objects in it are donated. Hundreds of carpets, decorative dishes, hot and cold weapons, and all kinds of wonderful Qurans are preserved in this museum. This museum contains many buildings, including the Central Museum building, the Qur’an Museum building, the Fresh Museum building, the Mehdi Qoli Bey bath and the affiliated library.
In the building of the Central Museum of Astan Quds, you can see the treasures of the Razavi mausoleum, stamps, banknotes, watches, hot and cold weapons, ornamental dishes, visual arts, sea snails, coins and kinds of medals.

A picture of the building of the Iranian Carpet Museum

صورة عن مبنی متحف السجاد الإيراني في المدينة مشهد
صورة عن مبنی متحف السجاد الإيراني في المدينة مشهد

A picture of the Weapons Museum building

صورة عن مبنى متحف الأسلحة في مشهد
صورة عن مبنى متحف الأسلحة في مشهد
صورة عن مبنى متحف الأسلحة في مشهد
A picture of the Sea Shell Museum building
صورة عن مبني متحف القواقع البحرية
صورة عن مبني متحف القواقع البحرية

A picture of the coin building

Nadery Museum

In order to know the strong figure of Iranian history, it is necessary to visit his tomb in the city of Mashhad. Today, the tomb of Nadershah Afshar has become a museum and is considered one of the most visited attractions in Mashhad. You must have heard about the vast conquests made by Nadir Shah from India to the borders of present-day Turkey. If you want to see some monuments of the lands conquered by Nadir Shah, go to this historical and cultural complex. If you have seen the pre-Islamic historical attractions of Shiraz and want to visit the valuable post-Islamic collections, we suggest that you get the Shiraz-Mashhad train ticket and travel from the depths of ancient Iranian civilization to the Afsharid era.

Wonders and beauties Nadery Museum

  • Valuable historical works are preserved in this museum.
  • Statue of Nadir Shah made in Italy.
  • This museum displays objects belonging to the Safavid and Afshari eras.
  • Meet the real Nadershah’s sword and shoes

Picture of the wonderful Statue of Nadir Shah, Made in Italy

صورة تمثال نادر شاه مصنوع في ایتالیا

Pictures of the garden and building of the Nadershah Museum

صوه از حديقة وبناء متحف نادرشاه

مقبره الفردوسي [الشاعر الفذ الإيراني ]

Among other important places in Khorasan and around the city of Mashhad, we can mention the tomb of the distinguished Iranian poet and author of the epic novel “The Shahnameh” [Biography of the Great Kings].

Ferdowsi’s tomb means visiting the man who for thirty years tried to keep the Iranian language and identity alive.
Visiting Ferdowsi’s tomb means visiting Homer in the Middle East. This building also contains a museum of wonderful pieces, among the curious works of this museum here are:
The Shahnameh is handwritten and weighs 73 kg.

مقبره الفردوسي [الشاعر الفذ الإيراني ]
Tourist attractions in Khorasan and the city of Mashhad cannot be limited. The cities of Nishapur, Tus and Qainat are among the important cities in this vast province. The city of Nishapur is famous for its turquoise stones and the city of Qaenat for its first-class saffron.
Ariana Tours from Shiraz to Mashhad by train provides you with a safe and enjoyable experience.
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