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Growing the best beard and mustache styles according to the shape of the face in Iran in the city of Shiraz

Beard and mustache transplantation in Iran is an ideal option for those looking to improve their appearance and increase the density of facial hair. In cities such as Shiraz, Tehran, Mashhad, Yazd, and Ahvaz, there are specialized centers that provide these services using the latest international technologies to ensure the best results. Whether you suffer from hereditary baldness or just want to enhance hair growth in certain areas, beard and mustache transplantation in these cities provides you with effective and safe solutions. Learn more about how to transform your appearance and increase your self-confidence through advanced techniques that help restore and renew facial hair in a natural and attractive way.

زراعة اللحية في ايران بمدن شيرازن طهران، مشهد، يزد، واهواز

Article contents:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Types of beard and mustache transplantation techniques.
  3. What are the advantages of beard and mustache transplantation with us?
  4. The number of sessions and the cost of beard and mustache transplantation in our clinic in Iran, in the city of Shiraz.
  5. The necessary care after beard and mustache transplantation.
  6. How to care for the beard and mustache after final and complete growth.
  7. Advantages of beard and mustache transplantation under the supervision of Ariana Medical Tourism Company.
  8. Road map for transplantation.
  9. Sources


The role of the beard in the beauty of men’s faces is an undeniable issue. For this reason, the problem of hair loss in the beard area can cause a loss of self-confidence and cause problems in the patient’s personal and social relationships.

Beard transplantation is one of the most common and popular ways to solve the problem of hair loss and the deformities associated with this problem.

The most important causes of beard and mustache loss include air pollution, neglect of health care practices, constant use of a hair dryer to style the beard, hormonal changes, stress, improper nutrition, genetic factors, the occurrence of some diseases, the use of certain medications, and so on.

For beard transplantation, after initial examinations conducted by the doctor, the required number of follicles will be received from the nominated hair bank depending on the severity of the loss and the size of the area. After completing this stage, the grafts and follicles are implanted in the desired position.

2.Types of beard and mustache transplantation techniques

Usually, beard transplantation is done through the following method:

3. What is our beard and mustache transplantation technique?

Our beard and mustache transplantation technique [Micrograft] is known as a non-surgical and safe procedure. The absence of the need to make an incision in the scalp and the absence of the need for stitches after completing the transplantation process are the most important advantages of this procedure.

The beard transplant procedure is performed in our clinic in Shiraz, Iran, without pain or bleeding, and in the end, no scar remains on your scalp.

4.The number of sessions and the cost of beard and mustache transplantation at Ariana Clinic in Shiraz, Iran

The number of sessions required to go to the clinic for a beard transplant depends on various factors, including the size of the area to be transplanted, the method of transplantation, the skill of the doctor, etc.

The price of beard transplantation in this center will be determined by considering parameters such as the number of grafts transplanted, the number of visits, the severity of beard loss, etc. You can contact our experts at Ariana Clinic and get a free consultation. Before the procedure, ask all your questions regarding the price of transplantation and the number of sessions required for beard transplantation.

زراعة الشعر في ايران

Hair Transplant In Iran 

5. The necessary care after beard and mustache transplantation

This non-surgical procedure does not require any difficult post-operative care and a very short recovery period. However, by following some guidelines, you can speed up the recovery process and get a positive result.

Among the methods of care after hair transplantation, there must be things such as:

  • Not showering for a certain period of time.
  • Do not use saunas, swimming pools and jacuzzi.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Do not put pressure on the planting site.
  • Not using cosmetics and hygiene products.
  • It is necessary to use the medications prescribed by your doctor after completing the transplantation process, which will have an effective role in relieving potential pain and accelerating the healing process.

6. How to care for the beard and mustache after final and complete growth

  • Washing and Conditioning: The first step to taking care of your beard and mustache is to wash and condition them regularly. Use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for facial hair. Helps keep your beard and mustache clean, soft and easy to style.
  • Trimming and shaping: Regular trimming and shaping is also important to maintain your beard and mustache. Use high-quality, sharp scissors to trim stray hairs or split ends. You can also use the beard trimmer to create different styles and lengths.
  • Use beard oil or balm: Using beard oil or balm can help keep your facial hair healthy and shiny. These products contain natural ingredients that nourish your beard and mustache and prevent dryness and itching. Apply a small amount of oil or balm to your beard and mustache every day.

7.Advantages of beard transplantation under the supervision of Ariana Medical Tourism Company:

  • Ability to adjust after planting.
  • The cultivation environment is completely sterile and hygienic.
  • Possibility of correction and makeup.
  • The beard and mustache are completely natural.
  • Reasonable price and 100% success rate.

8. Our road map for transplantation

  • Goal of live cultivation
    Increase the density of beard and mustache.

  • Number of sessions
    From one session to another depending on the size of the planting area.

  • Result and durability of live cultivation
    Permanent and for life

  • Recovery time and results
    3 to 4 months

  • Recovery period
    3 days

  • Complications
    Less swelling and bleeding

9. Sources

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